July 19, 2024

Onaiwu picks up #Edo State Governorship Expression of interest form


#Onaiwu picks up #Edo State Governorship Expression of interest form

Onaiwu picks up #Edo State Governorship Expression of interest form

In what appears to be a game-changing move in Edo State politics, Earl Osaro Onaiwu, the founding Director-General of the PDP Governors Forum, has picked up his expression of interest form from the PDP headquarters in Abuja. This move officially indicates his readiness to contest the 2024 gubernatorial primaries of the party.

Over the past few weeks, Earl Osaro Onaiwu has been engaging with various stakeholders across the state, sharing his vision for the future and garnering support for his candidacy. His warm reception everywhere he goes reflects the growing enthusiasm for his leadership among the Edo people.

Known as a seasoned and well-rounded politician, Earl Onaiwu possesses a deep understanding of Edo culture and traditions. This understanding, combined with his empathetic nature and familiarity with the aspirations of the people, positions him as a formidable candidate for the governorship.

One of Earl Osaro Onaiwu’s key promises is to establish an all-inclusive government that places the needs of the people at the forefront. He believes in harnessing the collective power of the Edo people to drive progress and development in the state. This approach aligns with the desires of many citizens who yearn for a leader who truly listens and represents their interests.

Furthermore, Earl Onaiwu is determined to run an issue-based campaign that focuses on policies and initiatives rather than resorting to insults and pettiness. By adopting this new style of politics, he aims to elevate the discourse and ensure that the Edo people receive substantive information to make informed decisions.

With the stage now set for the commencement of the proper campaign, Earl Onaiwu stands poised to bring about positive change in Edo State politics. His candidacy represents a breath of fresh air in a sometimes divisive landscape, and his commitment to the Edo people’s welfare is undeniable.

As the primaries draw nearer, it will be interesting to see how Earl Onaiwu’s campaign gains momentum, we will see how he galvanizes the support needed to secure the party’s ticket. One thing is certain, however – Earl Onaiwu’s entrance into the race has injected a new energy and optimism into Edo politics, offering a beacon of hope for the future of the state.

A humble man with an illustrious pedigree, both his parents were teachers, Onaiwu is most likely going to be a consensus candidate for the PDP.

Onaiwu picks up #Edo State Governorship Expression of interest form

Another thing going for him is the massive support he enjoys from majority of the Governors in Nigeria today from both PDP and APC. He has personal relationships with them from many years of friendship and association.

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