July 24, 2024

#Edo Youth Clamour For Dr Ernest Afolabi #Umakhihe To Pick Nomination Form


#Edo Youth Clamour For Dr Ernest Afolabi #Umakhihe To Pick Nomination Form

…Street 2street campaign ambassador

#Edo Youth Clamour For Dr Ernest Afolabi #Umakhihe To Pick Nomination Form

Edo youths are clamouring for Dr Ernest Afolabi Umakhihe to pick Nomination form for Edo Gubernatorial election. Most of the Edo youths have called on the retired permanent Secretary to bring his wealth of experience and help Edo move forward. They’re proud of the basic amenities he has done in the state, even though he was not the governor yet.

Street 2 street campaign ambassador was reliable informed that the basic amenities he influenced to the state while he was permanent Secretary, is the reason the youths wants him to be the next Edo Governor, so he can lead the state to the promise land. The construction of some roads in the three senatorial districts, provision of health care, street lights, awarding scholarships to indigenes, empowerment of the youths and other basic social amenities.

The forthcoming Edo Governorship polls present yet another golden opportunity for the good people of Edo to elect a leader who will pilot the affairs of the state for another four years. It’s therefore expedient for the good people of Edo state to choose the best among the rest.

This is because whatever decision we make today will determine the results we get tomorrow.
In this regard, choosing Dr Ernest Afolabi Umakhihe, an indefatigable son of the soil, the one who knows where the shoe pinches his people is a best choice to achieving a new Edo for all and sundry. He is an ebullient, resilient and resourceful character who defied all odds and break even in different fields of expertise. This saw him being saddled with the responsibility of managing the finance of key government roles in the Ministry Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Defence; National Sports Commission and later Ministry of Agriculture where he finally retired recently.
His quest to pilot the affairs of his state is born out of passion and genuine love for the people.

A man that never disappoint when it comes to service, especially the one that will have impact on his state . This is why Edo youths have continued to drum support for him to pick the form of the party and the flag bearer for the September gubernatorial election in Edo state.

Consequently, issues bordering on the general welfare of the people such as good and accessible health care system, Quality Education, Security, Youth and Sports development, Rural electrification and transformation of the Agricultural sector are part of the numerous dividends of democracy to the people of Edo state stand to enjoy under the administration of Dr. Ernest Afolabi Umakhihe if voted for.
Among other plans he has for the people of Edo is upholding the tenets of good governance by ensuring transparency and accountability and the rule of law. In the area of economy Dr. Ernest Afolabi Umakhihe is ready to use his expertise and experience having served in the ministry of Foreign Affairs to attract investors to the state thereby boosting the state’s economy. As an elder state man and retired public servant, pensioners who have devoted their time to serve the state in different capacities will get their entitlement as and when due. In addition to this, pensioners will enjoy free medical treatment at our various government hospitals. These are a few of what this icon of democracy has in stock for the people of Edo to give them A FRESH HOPE

#Edo Youth Clamour For Dr Ernest Afolabi #Umakhihe To Pick Nomination Form

It is a no gainsaying that Dr. Ernest Afolabi Umakhihe stands tall among others and will leave no stone unturned when he gets hold of the reins of power as every nooks and crannies of our beloved Edo state will be transformed developmentally and beyond measure.

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