June 17, 2024

Why I rejected Lionel Messi’s offer to party with him – Caramelo


Comedian Susi Caramelo has recounted how she hilariously turned down Lionel Messi’s request to party with him.

She said the Argentina international wanted her to join him at his house party but she rejected him because she failed to recognize who he was.

Susana Cabero, better known as Susi Caramelo, is a Spanish comedian, reporter, and presenter of her TV program Movistar.

Caramelo has a massive online presence, boasting more than 528,000 followers on Instagram.

During an episode of the show ‘Ilustres Ignorantes’ on Movistar, she recalled how she met Lionel Messi years ago, according to Mundo Deportivo, “Many years ago, I was dating this guy and one night we went to Catwalk in Barcelona.

“I was in the VIP area and I went to the bathroom. Suddenly, I ran into a boy, a girl, and a little kid. They were saying, ‘Well, Lionel, we’ll wait for you outside and decide what to do.

“I finish peeing, and suddenly, the little kid is sitting alone on a couch. And since I’m very friendly and talk to everyone, I say, ‘Are you named Lionel? Like pastries? Which flavour do you like: cream, whipped cream, or chocolate?’ So, I left.

“I go outside, and at one point, I see this little kid looking at me and making funny faces, smiling. They start kicking us out, and as I’m leaving, the guy comes up to me and asks, ‘What are you doing now?’ And I told him I was waiting outside for the guy I came with and all that.

“When I finish the sentence and start going down the stairs, suddenly a crowd comes and they start saying, ‘Leo! Leo! Leo!’ They corner the kid, and I’m standing in a corner, thinking, ‘Who is this guy?’ And they tell me, ‘It’s Leo Messi, the best football player in the world.’ I say, ‘Don’t fu** with me! I just told him I’m with someone else’.”

Despite her mistake, she narrated how she still got invited:
“And I was already on the street where I had parked my car, and suddenly Leo Messi comes up again and says, ‘Are you coming to my house? We’re having a party, some friends and girls are coming.’

“I could have gone because you don’t get invited to a footballer’s party everyday. But do you know why I said no? I was so broke that if I went to that guy’s house, they wouldn’t kick me out even with a red card.”

Susi Caramelo then concluded saying she had to reject Lionel Messi’s invite as she couldn’t afford the parking tickets for when she returned.

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