February 25, 2024

Victims Seek #NPF, #FIDA, #DSS Intervention Against Synagogue Church Over Cyberbully & Threats to Lives


Victims Seek #NPF, #FIDA, #DSS Intervention Against Synagogue Church Over Cyberbully & Threats to Lives

Ajiboye Tosin

Victims Seek #NPF, #FIDA, #DSS Intervention Against Synagogue Church Over Cyberbully & Threats to Lives

A group of Nigerians who alleged to have suffered various abuses from the late popular clergyman, Prophet TB Joshua, has reached out to police authorities, appealing for intervention and protection against harassment, cyberbullying, and threats to their lives allegedly perpetrated by the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) and Prophet Jeremiah Omoto-Fufeyin.

In a petition, addressed to the Inspector General of Police in Nigeria, IGP Kayode Egbetokun, and submitted on 6th February 2024, the group said it was facing fresh problems because it had courageously come forward amongst other people with unpleasant revelations regarding the atrocities and abuses allegedly experienced while they were members and disciples of the late leader of SCOAN, Prophet TB Joshua.

The allegations had gained nationwide attention following the release of a documentary by BBC radio, which exposed alleged rights abuses committed by the late clergyman. The victims, who consisted of local and foreign nationals, had bravely shared their personal accounts of sexual abuse, rapes, abortions, ill-treatments, and manipulations they endured while associated with SCOAN and under the influence of T.B. Joshua.

In their petition, the former disciples who are Nigerians, including Bisola Hephzi-bah Johnson, Paul Godswill Agomoh, Ajoke Godswill, Emmanuel Ezemkwere, and Eyiowuawi Michael, emphasised the importance of freedom of speech and the right of individuals to share their stories, particularly when it involves matters of abuse and injustice.

However, the victims said they now face fresh bouts of incessant harassment, cyber-bullying, and threats from SCOAN and its allies since speaking out about their experiences, adding that the trauma they endured during their time with T.B. Joshua had already left lasting scars, and the additional burden of harassment further exacerbates their plight.

In light of these distressing developments, the group has called upon the Nigeria Police Force, under the leadership of IGP Egbetokun, the Federal Ministry of Justice, FIDA, Department for State Security Service DSS and other concerned authorities to take immediate action. The victims have requested the following actions:

1. Conduct an immediate investigation into the allegations made by both local and foreign ex-disciples against T.B. Joshua and the Synagogue Church of All Nations.

2. Provide adequate protection and support for the individuals who have come forward, ensuring their safety and well-being.

3. Undertake a thorough review of existing laws and policies related to religious organizations to ensure they provide sufficient protection for the rights and safety of their members.

4. Collaborate with relevant authorities to address any criminal activities that may be uncovered during the investigation.

5. Issue a public statement condemning harassment, cyberbullying, and threats against individuals exercising their right to speak out against abuse.

Victims Seek #NPF, #FIDA, #DSS Intervention Against Synagogue Church Over Cyberbully & Threats to Lives

The group is currently receiving support from the rights group, Bisola Johnson Foundation/Freedom To The Captive Platform, as they navigate their ordeals.

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