May 20, 2024

Transfer: You quit elite football at 35, three years earlier than Ronaldo – Piers Morgan hits Messi


British broadcaster, Piers Morgan has aimed a dig in the direction of Lionel Messi after it emerged that the Argentina World Cup winner would join Major League Soccer (MLS) side Inter Miami.

Messi confirmed on Wednesday that he would join Inter Miami.

The 35-year-old played his last game for Paris Saint-Germain last Sunday.

Speaking on the developments, Morgan compared Messi’s move to Inter Miami to Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Al Nassr.

Morgan tweeted, “So, Messi quits elite football at 35, three years earlier than Ronaldo. Presumably, we’ll now read/hear all the same scathing, mocking pieces by sportswriters/pundits that they wrote/said about Cristiano – right? (Spoiler alert: we won’t.).”

Recall that Ronaldo was officially unveiled as an Al-Nassr player in January.

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