June 23, 2024

#Rowland Okorie: #LAHA Speaker #Obasa should be more democratic

#Rowland Okorie: #LAHA Speaker #Obasa should be more democratic

#Rowland Okorie: #LAHA Speaker #Obasa should be more democratic

…Step Down Obasa states Rowland Okorie

Democracy they say is the government of the people, by the people and for the people irrespective of their tribes, religion and culture. But for Obasa, the reverse seems to be the case as he continues to victimise those he felt are not in line or support his political ideology according to the Ceo Equity Concepts Rowland Okorie who lashed out at the Rt. honourable.Someone should remind the speaker we are in 2023 not slavery era.Never been recorded in history where an igbo man is claiming ownership of Lagos he stated.

According to Rowland, Obasa stated this in his acceptance speech as a third-term speaker of the Lagos parliament and the inauguration of the 10th Lagos assembly on Tuesday that Lagos state parliament will pass new property, and business ownership laws in the state due to ethno-political and religious division that happened during the last 2023 general elections.On different occasions I have called him to condemn MC Olumo for his heinous act to a tribe he always choose to turn blind eyes to the truth.

In the presidential and governorship elections, particularly, many Igbos supported the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi and Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour of the LP for the state governorship election respectively.

In his words, he said “In my opinion I think Obasa should step down as the speaker because he has already proven that he is not a healer, he has no respect for the rule of law nor for our great investors from around the world and the entire Nigerian people. As a legal head he is supposed to enact laws that would protect and unite us instead the newly elected 3rd term speaker of House of Rep Lagos Hon Idowu Obasa proposed enacting discriminatory laws with potentials of converting all properties belonging to the non indigenous to indigenous.”

Rowland Okorie calls it a dangerous move that reminds the igbos about the abandoned properties tagged to properties belonging to igbos after the civil war. Igbos should really wake up. This move is dangerous and unacceptable.

#Rowland Okorie: #LAHA Speaker #Obasa should be more democratic

Members of his cabinet should have proposed several youth empowerment programs that would create jobs and generate millions of naira for the country and the state, but he rather went this way and never attended any. In my thoughts one condition for the 3rd time in a row for Obasa speakers was agreeing to enact a law that would discriminate against the igbos.

“Sometimes when you look at every move by men in the position of power it feels like there is a war against the Igbos. The 2023 elections really went further to expose how dangerous the hate against a tribe could lead to division of the whole nation. Obasa never condemned Mc Olomo after he threatened to kill Igbos. If we must live in peace we must follow great examples of powerful nations like America. The speaker of the House of Rep in Dallas Texas was suspended and impeached or even great Kenya.” Ex-president is indicted and all we do is sit and watch our leaders commit crime in our very face.

#Rowland Okorie: #LAHA Speaker #Obasa should be more democratic

“It is time investors look towards the eastern part of the nation especially the Igbo states Abia, Anambra. Ebonyin ,Enugu and Imo for more investment opportunities. The people’s house has turned into a tribal field. I’m calling on all Igbos to stop buying lands and building massive structures in Lagos while I condemn the Obasa Speakership. Lagos investors should channel their investments toward the eastern.

Rowland Okorie


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