May 20, 2024

#Prophet I O #Samuel’s Vision for #Christian Unity: Embracing Diversity for #National Peace


#Prophet I O #Samuel’s Vision for #Christian Unity: Embracing Diversity for #National Peace

…The Body of Christ Must be united for Peace to reign in our Nation

#Prophet I O #Samuel’s Vision for #Christian Unity: Embracing Diversity for #National Peace

Prophet I O Samuel stands as a beacon of unity, calling upon the Christian community in Nigeria to foster a spirit of togetherness for the nation’s peace. He implores his fellow Nigerians not to fall prey to divisive rhetoric that seeks to discredit any ministry or doctrine. As a seasoned spiritual researcher, Prophet Samuel has delved into various denominations and discovered a common thread of dedication and humility.

Born into the Anglican communion and having experienced the warmth of Catholic communities, he has witnessed firsthand the falsehoods of denominational superiority. He points out that many of Africa’s revered religious figures have roots in traditional denominations like the Celestial Church, Sabbath, Cherubim and Seraphim, and others, which have been unjustly criticized.

Prophet Samuel warns against the infiltration of charlatans in clerical garb, who masquerade as pastors while harboring ulterior motives. He honors the legacy of his mentor, the late Prophet T.B. Joshua, whose global outreach and acts of charity transcended denominational boundaries, despite facing rejection at home.

He cautions that internal strife within Christianity could lead to its decline, as seen in historical shifts in religious dominance in places like Turkey and potentially the UK. Prophet Samuel’s prophetic voice calls for unity, urging Christian leaders to resolve divisions and focus on the love and eternal journey that bind them together.

In a heartfelt plea, Prophet Samuel, hailing from Shiloh Word Chapel in Abuja, reminds us of the prophetic lineage of Abraham, Moses, and Elijah, and the urgent need for harmony within the Christian faith as we anticipate the return of Jesus Christ.

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