June 22, 2024

I didn’t send anybody to assassinate somebody, #Oniba of Iba land cries out


I didn’t send anybody to assassinate somebody, #Oniba of Iba land cries out

…urged security agencies to investigate the allegation and fish out faces behind it.

There is no truth in the piece of information making the air that Oniba of Iba kingdom, Oba Sulaimon Adeshina Raji popularly known as Jafo Authority has allegedly sent an assassinator to trail and murder members of the Road Transport Employees Association of Nigeria, RTEAN in Lagos State.

Oba Adeshina in a statement issued in Lagos to debunk the Slander, libel, and allegation, said he did not send anybody to assassinate somebody and he will never engage in such an act as a law-abiding citizen, because it is unlawful and it is also capable of bringing disrepute to the stool of his forefathers.

He further stressed that “I would have ignored the allegation but for the fact that I am a stakeholder in the transport sector, that is why I came out to tell the general public that my hands are clean and I will never engage in such an act, on this note” I hereby call on members of the public to disregard the information and the faces behind the scene will soon be revealed by the security agencies. Let’s allow security to do their jobs.

I didn't send anybody to assassinate somebody, #Oniba of Iba land cries out

Oba Adeshina says the allegation leveled against him was aimed at tarnishing his image but, As a law-abiding Traditional Ruler and the Chairman of the Parks and Garages Authority that was set up by the Lagos State Government under Governor Babajide Sanwoolu to oversee the affairs of the road transportation sector in the state.


Jafo Authority however, called on the Nigeria police force, Department of State Security Service (DSSS), and another related security outfit to deeply investigate the matter to bring those behind the allegation to book, in accordance with the provision of the Rule of law. while Emphatically and insisting that the action was aimed at tarnishing his image, “I will be happy if the security agencies can swing to action to investigate the matter to unmask those faces behind the allegation. “I believe that it is an allegation that is targeted at creating panic and causing unnecessary alarm within the road transport in the state.

Furthermore, Oniba-Ekun reiterated that as a peacemaker, law-abiding citizen, and traditional ruler who understands the law of the land, he has been at the forefront of preaching peace and orderliness, noting that he has been exhibiting exemplary leadership by preaching against lawlessness.

Following an exclusive interaction with Oba Dr. Sulaiman Raji Ashade Oniba-Ekun information revealed that the Monarch has always engaged security agencies as a case study to preach to its members in the parks and garages sector in Lagos State, especially in the area of peace-building and mutual understanding.

I stand for peace and progress of the state. I will continue to join hands with security agencies to bring sanity and orderliness to the union. Since I assumed the leadership of Parks and Garages Administrator in Lagos State, I have set up a peace and reconciliation committee to settle disputes and misunderstandings among our members.

I will never engage in an illegality because it’s not in my character. Let security take a bold step in investigating the matter and I will be glad if they can make their findings known to the general public”.

LI didn't send anybody to assassinate somebody, #Oniba of Iba land cries out

The traditional ruler emphasized that he has led various campaigns and public enlightenment against cultism, rascality, and all forms of hooliganism as well as other social vices and criminal activities, pointing out that the action has put an end to the activities of bad gangs and other lawlessness in the state.

I didn’t send anybody to assassinate somebody, #Oniba of Iba land cries out

Oba Adeshina noted that “every week, I champion public enlightenment on the dangers of engaging in bad gangs such as hooliganism, I am doing this to curb all forms of societal nuisance, we can only work and earn a living in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. I wonder why some faceless people are dragging my name into something I didn’t know about. I will want the general public to disregard the allegation Lagos is peaceful and we will continue to lead crusades lawfully to address some societal ills.

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