June 24, 2024

Charting the #Future: #Nigeria’s #National #AI Strategy Workshop Paves the Way for #Technological Transformation


Charting the #Future: #Nigeria’s #National #AI Strategy Workshop Paves the Way for #Technological Transformation

Charting the #Future: #Nigeria’s #National #AI Strategy Workshop Paves the Way for #Technological Transformation

In a groundbreaking initiative, the Federal Government of Nigeria has taken a decisive step towards embracing the future of technology by hosting a comprehensive workshop dedicated to the development of a National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy. This workshop, spearheaded by the Federal Ministry of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy (FMCIDE), is a part of the administration’s Renewed Hope Agenda, which aims to accelerate the nation’s diversification through various sectors including industrialization, digitization, creative arts, manufacturing, and innovation.

The workshop, spanning four days and themed “Developing the High-Level Strategy and Implementation Plan for a National AI Strategy in Nigeria,” brought together a diverse group of stakeholders. These included prominent figures from the private sector, public sector, and global experts, all converging to explore the transformative impact of AI on societies around the globe.

Dr. ‘Bosun Tijani, the Minister of FMCIDE, opened the event by highlighting the collective responsibility of the participants to harness AI’s potential for the betterment of humanity. He encouraged the attendees to envision a future where technological connectivity and innovation act as the driving forces behind national and international progress.

Emphasizing the transformative nature of digital technologies, Dr. Tijani called for inclusive participation in steering AI’s development trajectory. He challenged the participants to look beyond local and regional confines and adopt a global perspective in their approach to AI, with the goal of establishing Nigeria as a leader in the field.

Engr. Faruk Yusuf Yabo, the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, echoed these sentiments, outlining AI’s capacity to revolutionize various sectors of Nigeria’s economy. He stressed the importance of developing a strategy that is not only theoretically robust but also practical and applicable within Nigeria’s unique cultural and societal context.

The Director-General of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), Mallam Kashifu Inuwa Abdullahi, also addressed the gathering, underscoring AI’s role as a catalyst for broad societal transformation. He emphasized the need for a comprehensive strategy that not only outlines the development of AI but also its implementation across various facets of Nigerian society.

This workshop represents a significant milestone in Nigeria’s journey towards a technologically advanced future. It signifies the government’s commitment to fostering an environment where AI can thrive and contribute to the nation’s economic growth and societal well-being.

Charting the #Future: #Nigeria’s #National #AI Strategy Workshop Paves the Way for #Technological Transformation

The collaborative efforts of the workshop’s participants are set to lay the groundwork for a strategy that will integrate AI into the daily lives of Nigerians, enhancing national security, and propelling the country towards a more connected and digitally empowered future.


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