July 19, 2024

#Banjoko Ogidi Family Uncovers #Landgrabber’s Plot To Bribe #Lagos #CP, Others {Gory Photos}


#Banjoko Ogidi Family Uncovers #Landgrabber’s Plot To Bribe #Lagos #CP, Others {Gory Photos}

…Accuses Landgrabber Of Sponsoring Violence in Ginti Community

The Banjoko Ogidi Family of Ginti Community in Ijede LCDA, Ikorodu, Lagos has raised the alarm over plots by some alleged notorious landgrabbers terrorising Ginti Community to bribe the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Fayoade Adegoke Mustapha in order to evade justice.

Speaking on behalf of the family, Alh Moruf Olowosago, told reporters at a news briefing, on Monday, that the alleged landgrabbers, Nafiu Abiodun and his associate, Meyaki Ibrahim, were secretly recorded discussing plans to pay off the Lagos State Commissioner of Police and the Head of the CP Tactical Squad, Area N and H, Adamo, CSP Godfrey Soliwei.

“In the viral clip, Nafiu and Meyaki were clearly heard working out plans to meet the Commissioner at the Officers Mess to discuss removing illegal arms charge from the case of some arrested alleged cultists linked to them,” said Olowosago.

In a separate recorded phone call obtained by Olowosago, the Olotu of Ginti, Nafiu and an unnamed person were heard “plotting to provide N5Million (Five Million Naira) to the Commissioner and one million to CSP Geoffrey.”

“Their objective is to get themselves removed from the case, all charges against Nafiu’s arrested alleged cultists dropped, evidence tampered with, and the men released to the streets, which ultimately puts the lives of this entire community in danger.”

Sharing photos of previous attacks, Olowosago, said Nafiu had been using thugs to intimidate the Banjoko Ogidi family and forcibly coveting lands that rightfully belong to the community since 2017.

“For years, Nafiu and his boys have terrorized our community, they shoot during the day, rape and assault anybody who’s against what they’re doing, forcefully grabbing land thereby turning the community into a cultists’ camp,” Olowosago stated.

He continued, “He has filled out community with cultists and they’ve been attacking our people who have to go out very early and return late at night to avoid attacks by Nafiu’s cult boys.”

The Head of the Banjoko Ogidi family subsequently accused the police of a lackluster response to their calls for security.

#Banjoko Ogidi Family Uncovers #Landgrabber’s Plot To Bribe #Lagos #CP, Others

“We have been reporting the matter to Police Formations in Area N and Ijede Police Station but they would not even come because they’re under his (Nafiu) payroll,” he said.

He added, “despite multiple police reports filed by the family, there was no immediate response, prompting the family to obtain the services of the local vigilante group, Agbekoyas.”

Olowosago, however noted that a S.W.A.T team from Abuja had arrested one person in possession of a gun.

He stressed that it was only after a recent raid by CSP Geoffrey’s Task Force Unit uncovered weapons and arrested four of Abiodun’s boys that the landgrabbers allegedly became desperate.

Listing the names of the suspects, some members of the family expressed fears that “if Balogun Tola alias 50cent, Tunde Oladipupo, Rasaq Ridwan, Abimbola Ara are released, our family would be in danger.”

Highlighting allegations about the police complicity, Head of the Banjoko Ogidi family said the community has filed several complaints over the years with no results, while those aiding Nafiu like one Officer Oba Marcus are involved in the landgrabbing vice.

His words, “If you listen to the call, you’ll hear Nafiu Abiodun admitting to giving officer Marcus a piece of land to build on.”

The Banjoko Ogidi family are now pleading with the Lagos State Government and the Inspector General of Police to guarantee their safety and justice.

When contacted, Lagos State Police Command’s Public Relations Officer, Benjamin Hundeyin said the Police was already investigating the case.

#Banjoko Ogidi Family Uncovers #Landgrabber’s Plot To Bribe #Lagos #CP, Others {Gory Photos}

He also confirmed that the Police arrested suspected cultists with arms from the said community.


#Banjoko Ogidi Family Uncovers #Landgrabber's Plot To Bribe #Lagos #CP, Others {Gory Photos}

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