June 24, 2024

#Access Holdings Spearheads #Educational #Empowerment on #Africa Day


#Access Holdings Spearheads #Educational #Empowerment on #Africa Day

#Access Holdings Spearheads #Educational #Empowerment on #Africa Day
Exterior and interior shoot of Access Bank Headquaters in Oniru, Lagos.

Access Holdings is commemorating Africa Day 2024 under the theme “Educating an African for the 21st Century,” focusing on fortifying education systems for comprehensive and lifelong learning across the continent. This initiative underscores the rich diversity of Africa’s 1.2 billion inhabitants and the pressing need for educational reform to empower the next generation.

Despite the shared heritage and challenges, the educational landscape in Africa faces stark disparities, with over a quarter of children out of school and 90% unable to achieve basic literacy by age ten. To address this, Access Holdings is spearheading the Access Bank/UNICEF Charity Shield Polo Tournament, starting on Children’s Day, to promote child welfare and education, reflecting the company’s dedication to nurturing underprivileged children.

In alignment with this educational drive, Access Holdings will once again host the Access Bank/UNICEF Charity Shield Polo Tournament starting from the Children’s Day Anniversary on May 27, 2024, in Kaduna. This event, which will culminate at the Fifth Chukker Polo & Country Club on June 9, will bring together over 150 school pupils and their teachers for a day filled with sports, art activities, and messages promoting child welfare, such as “Stop Child Abuse” and “Childhood Isn’t Meant to Be a Nightmare.” As the largest charity polo tournament in Africa, this event highlights Access Bank’s commitment to supporting underprivileged children, having donated over N700 million towards building schools and providing social amenities for surrounding communities in the past seven years.

Beyond education, there are numerous aspects of African heritage and achievements that deserve celebration:

Angola: Known for its vast oil reserves, Angola is also home to the ancient Tchitundo-Huluvilo Caves, a significant cultural landmark showcasing, prehistoric art.

Botswana: Celebrated for its stable democracy established by Sir Seretse Khama, Botswana is also renowned for producing world-class athletes like Amantle Montsho, a former world champion sprinter.

Cameroon: Home to the towering Mount Cameroon and the legendary musician Manu Dibango, Cameroon has made significant contributions to global music and boasts rich natural beauty.

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC): Known for its rich copper reserves and the majestic Congo River, the DRC is also the birthplace of Patrice Lumumba, a pivotal figure in Africa’s fight for independence.

Gambia: Famous for its beautiful beaches and vibrant culture, Gambia is also making strides in education and tourism, becoming a notable destination in West Africa.

Ghana: A beacon of democracy and economic growth in West Africa, Ghana is also celebrated for its rich history, including the Ashanti Kingdom and significant cultural festivals.

Guinea: With its rich mineral resources, particularly bauxite, Guinea is also known for its vibrant music and dance traditions that play a crucial role in cultural identity.

Kenya: Renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and wildlife, Kenya is a leader in environmental conservation and home to world-renowned long-distance runners.

Mozambique: Known for its stunning coastline and rich cultural heritage, Mozambique is also recognised for its vibrant arts scene, including music and dance.

Nigeria: Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria is celebrated for its diverse cultures, Nollywood film industry, and significant contributions to literature and music, including figures like Chinua Achebe and Fela Kuti. Nigeria is also home to Dangote Petroleum Refinery, the continent’s largest petroleum refinery.

Rwanda: A symbol of resilience and progress, Rwanda has made remarkable strides in economic development and technological innovation, becoming a model for other African nations.

Sierra Leone: Known for its rich history and natural beauty, Sierra Leone is also making progress in education and healthcare, contributing to a brighter future for its citizens.

South Africa: Famous for its stunning landscapes and diverse cultures, South Africa is a global leader in mining and a symbol of freedom and reconciliation, epitomised by Nelson Mandela.

Zambia: Renowned for its spectacular Victoria Falls, Zambia is also making significant strides in economic development and conservation efforts.

#Access Holdings Spearheads #Educational #Empowerment on #Africa Day

Access Holdings is proud to operate in these African nations contributing uniquely to the continent’s narrative, from historical landmarks to modern achievements in various fields.
As we continue to consolidate the discourse around the 2024 Africa Day theme, the Group calls on Africans to unite, invest in our incredible human resource even as we work to take our rightful place on the table of deliberations of global significance.

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