July 19, 2024

2023 election fallouts: PDP stakeholders express outrage, call for emergency national convention


Some stakeholders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo State have expressed outrage over the alleged multifarious fallouts from the 2023 elections, calling for an emergency national convention.

The party stakeholders, in an open letter signed on behalf of the group by Chief Eric Ofodirinwa made available to DAILYPOST in Owerri, said, “The Critical Stakeholders pray that the BoT urgently dissolves the serving NWC and constitute a new National Working Committee to make the party vibrant and once more articulate”.

The stakeholders urged the BoT to painstakingly look into their lamentations and requests as presented and seek the best formal ways of tackling them for the interest of the party and good of all, adding that PDP needs a new beginning.

Expressing concern, the party stakeholders said, “We, the Critical Stakeholders of Imo State PDP, have followed dejectedly how our hitherto respected party, with all its intimidating credentials and gracious appeal, is systematically and speedily being annihilated by lower forces it previously trampled upon.

“After critically analyzing the sordid affairs which are currently suffocating and dismantling our great party into a mere boys club, we came to the honest conclusion that the PDP National Working Committee (NWC) should be blamed for the unfathomable rot ravaging our once great national party.

“The basis and stand of the Critical Stakeholders for pointing at the doorsteps of the NWC for the decline in PDP’s fortunes are not far to fetch. They are as follows:

“Never in the history of the PDP has its NWC been so complacent that it does not take interest in matters affecting and destroying the party nationwide. We have been crying out loud about the horrible situation in Imo State where our governorship candidate for the November 11, 2023 election, Senator Samuel Anyanwu, is a known mole of the All Progressive Congress (APC), even as he had been working to tear the party apart. For months now, the NWC has not given a hoot about investigating our claims or moving to call Senator Anyanwu to order.

“We vividly recall with absolute consternation that through the entire period of presidential campaigns, Senator Anyunwu as the National Secretary of our dear party never attended any of the rallies organized in Imo State on behalf of our presidential candidate, His Excellency, Atiku Abubakar. He neither sent representatives nor sent reasons for his absences. We sought reasons and queried why the National Secretary who incidentally hails from Imo State and ought to have added glamour, excitement, and beauty to our functions was conspicuously missing. Yet, the NWC never saw any reason to respond to those Germaine questions.

“As we all can testify, the current lack-luster NWC is the same one that abysmally failed to manage the party’s 2023 presidential campaigns., clearly mishandled the vice presidential candidate selection process; disappointingly fluffed our 2023 successes through its wrong supervisions of governorship primaries across the states. Of particular dismay, and this is quite distressful, we are talking about an NWC that unimaginably could not adequately respond to the challenge manufactured by the G5 – Governors.

“We are bringing to the fore, the complicity of some members where handshakes were monetized and outrageous grandstanding of the NWC could not muster the courage to sanction erring senior members of PDP who found it convenient to join opposition elements at the detriment of the party. As, the Imo PDP Critical Stakeholders are therefore constrained to submit the following prayers to the BoT of this great party are:

” The BoT as esteemed leaders and elders should urgently call for an emergency national convention of the party to all the multifarious fallouts from the 2023 elections most of which was self-inflicted by the NWC. The essence of an emergency national convention is to elect new NWC members who will pilot the PDP out of its present purposeless drift and woes. “

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