July 18, 2024

#Vesti Unveils Groundbreaking #Miai and #Safelock Features to Revolutionize #Immigrant Financial Services


#Vesti Unveils Groundbreaking #Miai and #Safelock Features to Revolutionize #Immigrant Financial Services

#Vesti Unveils Groundbreaking #Miai and #Safelock Features to Revolutionize #Immigrant Financial Services

Vesti, an innovator in migration-focused financial technology, celebrated a landmark achievement in the migration sector on April 26th, 2024. The company’s commitment to enhancing the lives of immigrants took center stage during a high-profile event at The Wheatbaker in Lagos.

The event spotlighted the debut of ‘Miai by Vesti’ and ‘Safelock by Vesti,’ two pioneering solutions poised to redefine the migration landscape. Following its strategic shift to an AI-centric approach in late 2023, Vesti now aims at the lucrative $36 billion global financial services market with these offerings.

A public declaration on Techcabal heralded Miai as a game-changer for immigrants, offering tailored, end-to-end support for their relocation process. These innovations mark a significant leap forward, streamlining and safeguarding the migration process for a global audience.

“Today is a defining moment,” proclaimed Olusola Amusan, Co-founder and CEO of Vesti. “We’re excited to present Miai and Safelock, diligently engineered to bolster immigrants’ capabilities, ensuring a seamless, intelligent, and protected journey. This introduction is a critical stride in our quest to be the preferred financial ally for the forthcoming half-billion immigrants.”

Miai, the AI migration assistant developed by Vesti, operates as a chatbot on the company’s website, within the app, and serves as a copilot on the web app, supported by founders who have raised $1.2m to date. Imagine having an expert by your side, readily available to answer your questions and guide you with personalized insights. Miai utilizes Machine Learning to understand your unique needs, delivering tailored answers to your specific queries.

Furthermore, Natural Language Processing empowers Miai to engage in natural, conversational interactions. Ask follow-up questions, delve deeper into topics, and feel like you’re talking to a human expert, not a rigid script.

In a powerful collaboration with Providus Bank, a leading provider of innovative financial solutions, Safelock offers a secure and empowering platform specifically tailored to the unique challenges faced by immigrants. Real-time progress tracking ensures you stay motivated, witnessing your savings goals materialize.

Effortless goal setting empowers you to define and adjust your savings plans as needed, offering control and flexibility. Advanced security features, backed by Providus Bank’s expertise, guarantee the safety and security of your financial information and transactions. With Safelock, achieving your financial goals and securing your future in your new home country becomes a reality.

“Providus Bank is honored to partner with Vesti on Safelock by Vesti,” said Olalekan Aderonmu, representing Lanre Ogundare, Head, Card Business at Providus Bank. “This collaboration perfectly aligns with our mission to provide innovative financial solutions that empower individuals. We are confident that Safelock will be an invaluable tool for immigrants managing their finances during their migration journey.”

The launch event wasn’t just about unveiling features; it was a celebration of innovation and collaboration that will reshape the future of migration. A captivating Industry Stakeholder Panel discussion moderated by Mr. Oluwamuyemi Orimolade (Marketing and Communications Leader – Microsoft ADC -W/A) on “Simplifying Cross-Border Payments through Innovative Solutions” ignited the room. Leading industry figures like Ayobami Oyaleke (Co-founder and CEO, Mainstack), Moyosore Bolarinwa (Relationship Manager, Providus Bank), Paul Adegbokan, Engineering Lead, Vesti and Adebiyi Grillo (Growth Lead, Cowrywise) shared valuable insights and explored the boundless possibilities of innovative solutions for seamless cross-border payments within the migration landscape.

Guests were treated to a live demonstration, showcasing the unique capabilities of Miai by Vesti and Safelock by Vesti. The audience witnessed firsthand how Miai’s intelligent support system empowers immigrants, while Safelock’s secure environment safeguards their financial future.

#Vesti Unveils Groundbreaking #Miai and #Safelock Features to Revolutionize #Immigrant Financial Services

With the launch of Miai by Vesti and Safelock by Vesti, a new era unfolds for immigrants. Vesti is no longer just a platform; it’s a torchbearer, illuminating the path towards a smoother, smarter, and more secure migration journey. Individuals across the globe can now navigate the complexities of migration with greater confidence, armed with the knowledge and financial security to make their dreams a reality in their new homes.


Founded by two brothers who immigrated to the United States, the company is backed by both Africa and US-based investors and boasts of a thriving community of dreamers who represent the next generation of builders. Vesti’s AI-powered copilot, Miai, is a key component of its comprehensive offering, providing personalized support and guidance to immigrants throughout their migration journey. Through a set of tailored payment products, Vesti delivers hassle-free migration pathways and financial services to immigrants moving to the United States and other top destinations in North America and Europe. Vesti’s vision is to be the go-to legal and financial services platform for the next 1 billion immigrants. The company is on a mission to be the preferred platform for immigrants before they emigrate, providing information, community and ultimately a smooth transition to immigrants.
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