July 19, 2024

Sunday Igboho: My children, wife worried about my life

Yoruba freedom fighter, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho, has revealed that his children and wife want him to quit his quest to liberate the South-West from killer herdsmen.

In recent weeks, Igboho has been in the news for asking killer herdsmen to leave some communities in Oyo and Ogun states.

However, his family are worried he could be killed.

In a recent interview with Punch, Igboho said:

“My children challenge and persuade me to quit every day. They wave the caution sign to me every time. My wife is also very worried about the cause that I fight but I have to do this for the liberation of my people, anyway. But I am equally worried for my people who are being dehumanised and oppressed in their own territory for no just reason. Those who should address the issue just fold their arms and watch because they are compromised. This struggle is for the good of all so that when I am gone they would not live in subjection.”

Igboho added that he is not deterred by people after his life, adding that he only fears God.

He said: “I am not afraid of anything or anyone but God. God is the owner and controller of every soul. It is only God who can kill me. No human being can kill me, so I cannot be afraid of any mortal.”

Igboho’s house was razed a few days after he asked herdsmen in the Ibarapa Local Government Area of Oyo State to leave within seven days.

However, the activist noted that he is not deterred and won’t be distracted.

“Those involved in the razing of my house are those who have ulterior motives and who are opposed to the cause that I am fighting. They tried hard to attack me in order to get me depressed. For me, I am not deterred. As for the hoodlums, what I can say is that I have handed them over to God,” Igboho stated.

The Yoruba activist also noted that he has no intention to run for political office. He also rejected the comparison with IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu.

He said: “I am not going into politics and I am not doing this to seek any form of popularity.”

On Nnamdi Kanu, Igboho said: “I am not Kanu and I am not like Kanu. Kanu is working on his agenda; perhaps, he doesn’t carry his people along. This is about the Yoruba people being killed, raped, extorted, oppressed and dehumanised in their own land. What we want is justice, peace, harmony and good governance.”