June 24, 2024

#SBC’s ‘One Staff One Tree’ Initiative: Pioneering #Environmental Stewardship in #Nigeria

#SBC’s ‘One Staff One Tree’ Initiative: Pioneering #Environmental Stewardship in #Nigeria
#SBC’s ‘One Staff One Tree’ Initiative: Pioneering #Environmental Stewardship in #Nigeria

For years, the dialogue on deforestation’s impact on climate change has been ongoing. It’s estimated that the world has lost a staggering 3 trillion trees to deforestation and now requires an additional 1 trillion trees to aid in climate recovery. Amidst this ongoing conversation, Seven-Up Bottling Company (SBC), Nigeria’s premier beverage bottling firm, is urging Nigerians to move beyond discourse to action by planting trees.

Marking World Environment Day, SBC launched the “One Staff One Tree” initiative, pledging to plant 2,500 trees in Nigerian cities where its facilities are situated. The campaign kicked off with the support of the Lekki Estates Residents & Stakeholders Association (LERSA) and the Eco-Restoration Foundation (ERF) on the Lekki – Epe expressway in Lagos.

During the inaugural ceremony on the Lekki Peninsula, SBC contributed 1,000 trees to LERSA’s ambitious goal of planting 5 million trees, a project aimed at tackling environmental challenges and fostering sustainable growth in the region. The event brought together enthusiastic participants from various green initiatives, united under the banner of “Generation Restoration.”

The fun-packed event was a convergence of green environment stakeholders who were visibly excited to be part of the “Generation Restoration” group.  Lovelyn Okoye, Sustainability Manager,  Seven-Up Bottling Company(SBC); Odozimba Uche Iheakanwa, Chairman of Power Committee, Lekki Estates Residents & Stakeholders Association, (LERSA); Nkemdirim Agboti, Head, Legal & Corporate Affairs, SBC; Hon. Ademola Balogun, Representative of Eti-OSA Local Government; Omoyeni Balogun, Representative of Lagos State Ministry of Environment; Ziad Maalouf, Managing Director, SBC; Alhaji Sulyman Bello, President of LERSA; and Norden Thurston, Chief Marketing Officer, SBC, were all present to witness what was the largest donation to the Lekki Million Trees project thus far.

Saving The Earth To Save Us: Ziad in his remarks emphasised the importance of sustainable development to climate restoration and SBC’s business policies. He noted that the company is fully committed to making a difference while calling on other organisations to get actively involved. “If we don’t all make an effort, we will be leaving a disaster for our children.  One person can make a difference.  We are on a 5 million tree journey and with more organisations collaborating on this, it will be a reality,” he said.

SBC’s Head, Legal & Corporate Affairs, Seven-Up Bottling Company, Nkemdirim Agboti,  tasked Nigerians to be more intentional about tree planting and nurturing. She called on individuals to donate trees and plant one on behalf of their children.

SBC Trees On Tracker: Eco-Restoration Foundation (ERF) also announced that each tree planted under the One Staff One Tree initiative will be added to the existing tracker to monitor their growth and contribution to neutralising the carbon footprint.

Commendation For SBC: All stakeholders in attendance commended Seven Up Bottling Company for supporting zero carbon projects and leading the #StopTalkingStartPlanting campaign. The representatives of ERF applauded the company for making all staff environmentally responsible with the One Staff One Tree initiative,  while the LERSA President expressed his gratitude to the company for the notable contribution. “We are excited to partner with SBC as it is a critical step towards safeguarding our environment and promoting sustainable development,” he said.

#SBC’s ‘One Staff One Tree’ Initiative: Pioneering #Environmental Stewardship in #Nigeria

At the climax of the event, everyone in attendance was given a responsibility to plant a tree, and encouraged to extend the act to their communities. They all left with the insight that the environment will protect itself if we fail to get active, and might get rid of us in doing so. Hence the need to see our land as our future and life.

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