July 18, 2024

#Sallah Spectacular: Seize Half-Price Homes & Gifts at #Realtormax’s #Ileya Festival #Bonanza


#Sallah Spectacular: Seize Half-Price Homes & Gifts at #Realtormax’s #Ileya Festival #Bonanza

#Sallah Spectacular: Seize Half-Price Homes & Gifts at #Realtormax’s #Ileya Festival #Bonanza

In anticipation of the upcoming Id el kabir Sallah celebrations this June, Dr. Michael Adeyemi, the esteemed CEO of Realtormax International Nigeria Limited, has announced an array of enticing incentives for prospective landowners. Customers who choose to invest in either of the company’s prime real estate offerings—Urbanmax Estate, located in the serene Obafemi Owode area of Ogun State, or the prestigious Aje – The Wealthy Residence in the rapidly developing Ibeju Lekki district of Lagos—will be eligible for these special offers.

The promotional campaign, which commenced on Monday, is set to provide an unparalleled opportunity for buyers to secure their dream property under exceptionally favorable terms.

Dr Adeyemi explained that while a limited-time 50% discount applies for every purchase at Aje – The Wealthy Residence, household items such as ram, rice, groundnut oil, noodles, and semovita would be available on Urbanmax Estate purchase.

According to him, the gesture was designed to reward Muslim clients and others ahead of the Sallah celebrations.

The CEO also listed other developments in the company to include installment payments options, partners appraisals event, official launch of Urbanmax Estate in October and Lagos office relocation.

He further restated the real estate firm’s commitment to building sustainable, eco-friendly cities across Africa, adding that it was poised to deliver on its promises and exceed expectations.

Urbanmax Promo
As the Ileya festival approaches, Realtormax introduces the Urbanmax Promo, a gesture of appreciation to Muslim clients. Special offers include household items such as rice, groundnut oil, noodles, semovita, and rams, alongside a 15% commission for realtors and exciting prizes.

The official launch of Urbanmax, the Dream City, is scheduled for October 26th, offering a luxurious blend of lifestyle and serenity at an unbeatable price. Urbanmax currently sells at 1.3 million Naira, which includes survey and deed of assignment. However, post-launch, the price will rise to 2.5 million Naira or more.

#Sallah Spectacular: Seize Half-Price Homes & Gifts at #Realtormax’s #Ileya Festival #Bonanza

Aje – The Wealthy Residence
Realtors are invited to an exclusive inspection of Aje – The Wealthy Residence, followed by the allocation of plots to clients on June 29. With a limited-time offer of 50% discount for the Ileya festival, clients can secure a piece of Aje for just N16 million Naira, inclusive of documentation.

Installment Payments
Realtormax offers opportunities for 3-month, 6-month, and 1-year payment plans and urges clients to prioritise monthly installment payments to avoid penalties and ensure smooth project execution.

Office Relocation
Following a recent fire incident at the Allen office, Realtormax is relocating its head office. Details of the new address will be announced soon, reflecting the company’s resilience and commitment to its vision.

Realtors Appraisal
An upcoming Realtors (partners) Appraisal promises to recognise and reward hard work, coinciding with the grand opening of the new office.

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