July 19, 2024

S.e.x with Trump was worst 90secs of my life’ – Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels has told Michael Cohen she thought about how to escape her ’90 second’ alleged tryst with Donald Trump thinking how she could ‘fight his fat a**’ and outrun him’.  

Cohen has interviewed Daniels, 41, with the two speaking together publicly for the first time, in the latest episode of his podcast, ‘Mea Culpa’, released Monday at midnight EST.  

As Trump’s attorney, Cohen, 54, had been hellbent on silencing Daniels, even arranging a hush-money payment to the porn actress that landed him in federal prison.

But now, in an hourlong interview which also includes graphic descriptions of Daniels’ alleged 2006 s3xual encounter with Trump at a charity golf event in Lake Tahoe, the two come together to broadcast her story.  

Cohen even apologizes for ‘the needless pain’ he put Daniels through when he arranged the $130,000 payment during the 2016 presidential campaign. 

The porn star, 41, told the president’s former attorney she did not feel ‘physically threatened’ but had not expected to have s3x with Trump. At one point, she says thought about how to escape the room, thinking ‘I could definitely outrun him.’ 

She said: ‘Oh f***, how do I get myself in this situation. And I remember even thinking I could definitely fight his fat ass, I can definitely outrun him. There’s a bodyguard at the door. But I wasn’t threatened, I was not physically threatened.

‘I just froze and I didn’t know what to say. He had stripped down to his underwear and was perched on the bed doing his best yet horrifyingly disturbing impression of Burt Reynolds.

‘I went to sidestep and he stood up off the bed and was like ‘This is your chance.’ And I was like, ‘What?’ and he was like, ‘You need to show me how bad you want it or do you just want to go back to the trailer park.’ 

Trump has denied the affair. 

‘Both of our stories will be forever linked with Donald Trump, but also with one another,’ Cohen tells Daniels in the podcast. ‘Thanks for giving me a second chance.’ 

Trump had married his third wife Melania just a year before the alleged encounter. 

In March of 2006 the couple’s son, Barron, was born. 

Daniels calls the encounter ‘the worst 90 seconds of my life, for sure, because it just made me hate myself.’

She said she repressed details of the alleged July 2006 rendezvous for years, adding the dynamics only came into focus after she saw the movie ‘Bombshell’ about the sexual harassment women underwent in meetings with former Fox News executive Roger Ailes.

‘I didn’t say anything for years because I didn’t remember,’ she said.  

‘My battle is just now starting,’ Daniels tells Cohen in their first ever conversation, referring to litigation she said had been in a holding pattern before Trump left office. ‘People are really upset, and they´re just going to get more pissed off at me.’

The scandal turned Stormy Daniels into a household name, and critics accused her of capitalizing on her newfound fame, including crisscrossing the country on a ‘Make America Horny Again’ strip tour.