July 18, 2024

Oristefemi adultery scandal: Former manager wades in, talks about his shame and disrespect to wife

Oh dear! Oritsefemi’s former manager, Kara has waded into the ongoing crisis between Oritsefemi and his wife Nabila.

Recall Nabila had yesterday called out a certain lady asking her to thank her stars that she didn’t meet her in her matrimonial home. She had said the lady came to sleep with her husband in their home while she was away at work.
According to Kara, Oritsefemi does not deserve Nabila and he is a very disrespectful fellow.
She says he disrespects her a lot and still tried to withhold some info.
She also spoke about how she used her money to take the singer on tour and got no penny in return, instead the singer abandoned her in Europe. 
Below is the public support she is giving Nabila after claiming it was Nabila that even begged her to manage the singer.