July 18, 2024

#OGUNCCIMA Introduces Innovative Items For 13th International #Trade Fair In Ogun State


#OGUNCCIMA Introduces Innovative Items For 13th International #Trade Fair In Ogun State

#OGUNCCIMA Introduces Innovative Items For 13th International #Trade Fair In Ogun State

In its stride to encourage participation of all critical stakeholders at the 13th International trade fair in Ogun State, Ogun State Chambers of Commerce Industry, Mines & Agriculture (OGUNCCIMA) in collaboration with Ogun State government introduced innovative items in its program for prospective exhibitors.

The Special Adviser to Ogun State Governor on Industry Trade and Investment Mrs Oluyemisi Somorin Dawodu who represented the Honourable Commissioner for Industry Trade and Investment at the press conference highlighted some of the innovative items exhibitors should expect.

In an interview with our correspondence at the press conference , she said;

“We want people of Ogun state to know is not business as usual, we have some innovative items that we have introduced to spice up the Gateway International Trade Fair.

“The first of it being raffle draw where the grand prize winner would get a two-bedroom bungalow. The raffle ticket will be drawn on the very last day and there will be prize to be won daily.

“We have the entertainment village, where we want people to come and relax, enjoy themselves and have fun. We have food, drinks, music and just a place to relax. Provision of a sick bay

“We are introducing transportation from strategic locations to help in moving people to the fair. We will be having medical outreach and we will do a certain number daily.

“Those are the few things we have Introduced. We are doing advertising, a door to door campaign and invitation not just letters, not just expecting them to come, we are actually going back to meet them to make sure they come.

“We will be addressing their fears if they have any. We are being proactive basically to ensure all and sundry participate”. She said

The President of OGUNCCIMA, Engineer Mike Akingbade M.I.E, JP in his welcome address at the press conference said the trade fair is a veritable platform established to foster business exchange between local and International Stakeholders through B2B, B2G, B2C networking, which is part of the focus of the 13th edition of the International trade fair.

In his own words, he said;

“This 13th edition of the Gateway International Trade Fair is geared towards connecting businesses and creating a platform for policymakers and Regulatory agencies to interact with the Business, Community, with a view to understanding and to appreciate one another vital role in the development of the state economy, job creation, and overall prosperity.

“Distinguished members of the press, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to reveal that this year’s edition will be climaxed with drawing a Raffle. The star prize is a 2-bedroom bungalow courtesy of Ogun State Government in collaboration with OGUNCCIMA.

“Similarly, for the first time in the history of Ogun State International Trade Fair, an Entertainment Village is being created for relaxation and social engagements there will be no dull moment.

“OGUNCCIMA is joining the Ogun State government in “building our future together in the area of Agribusiness, to increase her productivity, and to encourage and develop SMEs through the influx of investors into the state, making her the investment place of choice.

“I want to call on media practitioners to use the event of the Gateway International Trade Fair to showcase to the outside world the investment opportunities in Ogun State. While thanking the media the media for their support to the Chamber, I also want them to portray the peaceful nature of the Ogun State to the world for business to thrive”. Akingbade said.

The Permanent Secretary Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment Dr Olu Ola Aikulola in his welcome remark at the press conference said drones and security vehicles are made in Ogun state, hence, the beauty of the fair, is to have all these various segments represented at the trade fair.

He said;

“The 2024 gateway International Fair promises to be different. Spread the gospel so that all and sundry can be aware of the fair.

“There is going to be remarkably positive narrative which is not necessarily going to be a departure from the past.

“We are bringing in new things so that it will be an exciting experience for not only companies that are going to exhibit their products, but for as many human beings that will find their way to the fair to buy stuffs.

“Are you surprised that we make drones in this state, are you surprised we make security vehicles in this state. We have different vehicles including caterpillars which are assembled in this state.

“The beauty of the fair, is to have all these various segments represented at the trade fair this year. Why appealing to the press men to propagate the gospel, we also say to ourselves, the LOC, that it is not over until is over. We are not going to sleep.

“When the governor comes, he will be asking members of LOC where is this company not here. The Governor won’t be asking press men, but OGUNCCUMA.

“What we are doing is the pre event activity.There is going to be main event, and after event. All of you will be flanking the governor to inspect those exhibiting.

“To the press, it is not good enough if you stop after reporting the main event and you don’t report again afterwards. Because after the event you must also report. What are those take aways from 2024 international trade fair”. He said

Some of the stakeholders at the event include;

Lion Niyi Osiyemi
Kehinde Akintomide
Otunba Babs Adesanya
Akin Lawson
Dr Olu Ola Aikuola
Mrs Somorin Dawodu among others.

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