December 7, 2023

#Nestlé Professional Brings Convenience to Out of Home with #MAGGI Signature #Jollof


#Nestlé Professional Brings Convenience to Out of Home with #MAGGI Signature #Jollof

At a Jollof Carnival hosted in Lagos, Nestlé Professional unveiled a new 100g pack size of MAGGI Signature Jollof Seasoning Powder, a convenient and affordable option for out of home users including restaurants, bukas and hotels.With its attractive packaging and unique flavors, the seasoning in the new pack size responds to current preferences for simplicity and efficiency to help customers create the one-pot meals more consumers prefer today.

Participants at the Jollof carnival had the opportunity to prepare and taste ten different innovative Jollof recipes including Banga Jollof, Coconut Jollof, Asun Jollof, Nkwobi Jollof, Suya Jollof, Seafood Jollof, all made from MAGGI Signature Jollofinthe interactive cooking session!

Mrs. Oluwayemisi Oluokun, is a caterer and the CEO of God’s Grace Events. She was one of the participants who had the opportunity to recreate an innovative recipe, Nkwobi Jollof.  She said, “I am thrilled that the Nkwobi Jollof I made today turned out so well MAGGI Signature Jollof gave it such a distinctive, rich flavor. Every caterer and chef really need to try this convenient pack to infuse the signature jollof taste into their meals.”

Speaking during the product unveiling, Funmi Osineye, Business Manager, Nestlé Professional, said, “No occasion in Nigeria is complete without Jollof Rice, and that is why we are happy to introduce the 100g MAGGI Signature Jollof as an affordable and convenient solutionfor our out-of-home customers. This new packreinforces Nestlé’s leadership position and commitment to growing the culinary landscapein Nigeria.”

Participants at the colorful Jollof Carnival included chefs, caterers, event planners, representatives of hotels and restaurants as well as the media. One of these was Chef Nick Maajiwho is theVice President South-Westof theAssociation of Professional Chefs Nigeria.

He had this to say: “The 100g pack size of Maggi Signature Jollof is time saving
and convenient, making life easy for me as an Executive Chef. I believe that this will be the same experiencefor my colleagues inthe industry. I also found the showcasing of the diverse ways Maggi Jollof brings recipes to life exciting. It really has been a Jollof Carnival!

Mrs. Surakat Idowu, President, Association of Professional Caterers and Decorators in Nigeria was also in attendance. “I have been using MAGGI since I was in catering school and find that MAGGI Signature Jollof has a great aroma and delivers the authentic jollof
taste! I must commend Nestlé Professional for introducing this convenient 100g pack
option and encourage our caterers to try this product.”

Jollof rice is a spicy and savory meal that occupies a special place in Nigerian cuisine. It is a centerpiece on special occasions, at parties, special events and gatherings.

#Nestlé Professional Brings Convenience to Out of Home with #MAGGI Signature #Jollof

The Nigerian Jollof is renowned for its tasty, rich, and smoky flavor, loved by all.

The introduction of an affordable, convenient 100g pack size is therefore a significant addition to Nestlé Professional Nigeria’s portfolio.

#Nestlé Professional Brings Convenience to Out of Home with #MAGGI Signature #Jollof

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