July 19, 2024

#Nestlé employees mentor12,000 students 280


#Nestlé employees mentor12,000 students

Nestlé Nigeria volunteers including the Managing Director and CEO,Wassim
Elhusseini are mentoring 12,000 students in JSS2, SS1 and SS2 classes intwenty
threepublic secondary schoolsacross Nigeria.

The Youth Leadership Mentoring
Program aimsto instill the right values, skills and attitudes requisite forsuccess
and positive personal development from an early agein children.

The program now in its second season, is a collaboration between Nestlé Nigeria and REVAMP Africa, a youth-focused non-profit organization with the vision to revive educational values and maximize potential among young people, especially in public secondary schools.
Joy Ukpong, an SS2 student at Estate Senior Grammar School Ilupeju, Lagos State
says that as a result of the mentoring session with Wassim, she has resolved that the top four values she will imbibe for her personal development and academic
success are determination, kindness, generosity and respect for others.

This is the first time she has ever been in a mentoring program.

Recounting her experience, Joysaid, “My classmates and I are excited to have the
mentors in our classes.

Today’s session on values and morality was very

The mentors spoke to us about developingpersonal values for success in life.

I am determined to live by the four values I have set for myself, both in school and outside the school. I will also put in more effort in my academics so I can excel and achieve my dreams.”

Wassim Elhusseini, MD/CEO NestléNigeria PLC said, “At Nestlé, we believe that
communities cannot thrive if they fail to offer a future for younger generations.

I am therefore delighted that Nestlé is collaborating with REVAMP Africa on this
initiative that preparesyoung people for success in life. The Youth Leadership.

Mentoring Program is a great opportunity to encourage children to imbibe the
right values, build good character and develop leadership skills.

I am proud of the 280 Nestlé Cares volunteers who have dedicated time despite
their busy schedules to mentor 12,000 children across the country over a 4-week

We are confident of the positive impact this initiative will make in the lives
of all the mentees.”
Mr.Kelechi Anyalechi, founder, REVAMP Africa Foundationsaid, “We are thrilled
to commence another stream of thetransformative Youth Leadership Mentoring
Program in collaboration with Nestlé Nigeria.

The program is designed to
empower and nurture the leaders of tomorrow through experiential learning.

Young people will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in real scenarios,
learn from successful Nestlé Nigeria and REVAMP Africa leaders who have made
a difference in various fields.

This practical approach will enable them to develop
the necessary skills and gain valuable insights to become young excellent

Theprincipal of Estate Senior Grammar School, Ilupeju, Mr. Olurotimi Joseph
Egunyomisaid “I thank Nestlé for this mentoring program which is value adding
for the students.

The opportunity to meet professionals from diverse fields will
have a lasting impact on the children.

We are glad that a company like this is
playing a complementary role, assisting us in achieving our objective of raising
children who excel in academics and character.

The students and I are looking
forward to subsequent sessions.”
Through the Youth Leadership Mentoring Program, Nestlé Nigeria and REVAMP
Africa are equipping young individuals across the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria,
with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to excel in an ever-evolving

Nestlé Caresis thecompany’s employee volunteer programwhichprovides
opportunities for Nestlé employees to give back to society by offering their time,
talent and resources to impactindividuals and families, communities, and the

#Nestlé employees mentor12,000 students

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