May 23, 2024

Mixed feelings for Lagos Danfo drivers as phase-out date approaches

As the kick-off date of the Lagos State’s Bus Reform Initiative approaches, commercial bus (popularly known as Danfo) drivers in the state have expressed mixed feelings over the project.

While some of the drivers agreed to buy into the initiative, others kicked vehemently against it.

“Removing yellow buses is not reasonable,” said a driver at Ikeja Bus Stop who identified himself as Barckly.

“Although, the plan to bring in 5,000 buses to Lagos is a good one but the idea of banishing yellow buses is not commendable.

“Government should allow the new buses and yellow buses work, we all know that these new buses cannot go into the interior of Lagos to pull people out, which yellow buses do. If we also look at timing, these government buses cannot start working as early as 3 am which is the (time) people start leaving for work.”

An efficient transportation system that would move the over 21 million people in Lagos has remained a huge challenge for successive administrations.

Last year, Akinwunmi Ambode, the Lagos State governor, announced a Bus Reform Initiative, a three-year plan aimed at introducing over 5,000 air-conditioned buses to replace the Danfo buses.

Mr Ambode said the Danfo buses, which are mostly old and rickety, are no longer befitting for the state’s mega city status.