June 17, 2024

Melania Trump ‘told to move fast and divorce’ Donald ‘while he still has millions’

Melania Trump has been told to “move fast” if she wants to divorce Donald Trump in case criminal charges are filed against the disgraced former US president, an expert has claimed. 

Rumours have been abound since the couple’s departure from the White House that the ex-first lady is considering divorcing her husband, who is the only US president to be impeached twice.

Her next steps are being watched closely by the world after Donald conceded the presidency to Joe Biden on January 20, reports the Daily Star.

In the final days of his presidency it also emerged the couple had reportedly been sleeping in separate bedrooms at the White House.

Eric Schiffer, a brand and reputation management expert, said it is likely any further charges against Mr Trump will “be the final act” in Melania’s role as Donald’s wife.

He also believes any further indictment will lead to a divorce for Melania, as it will no longer by “cool nor fashionable” to be married to Donald.

He said it is likely her advisers will urge her to “move fast” because a divorce with the Slovakian-born model could cost Donald an estimated $150 million.Mr Schiffer said: “An indictment for Melania will be neither cool nor fashionable to her acquired tastes.

“Charges against the former President of the United States of America will be the final act in her Trumpian saga that triggers a clear and present danger to their union.

“Melania’s advisers’ calculus will be to move fast because Donald’s divorce will cost Trump over 150 million that, in the end, if she doesn’t move quickly, he won’t have the cold cash to pay out.”

Calls for Donald Trump to face more charges came after the 74-year-old became the first president in US history to be impeached twice.

The House of Representatives accused Mr Trump of inciting violence with claims of election fraud that ended in riots and a siege at the U.S Capitol building.

As a result, Trump was charged with “incitement of insurrection,” although impeachment charges are political, not criminal.

His post-presidential life is in danger however, as New York prosecutor, Cyrus Vance, is leading of a criminal investigation whether he Trump Organisation is guilty of various frauds.

Referencing her new book recently, Melania’s former friend Winston Wolkoff accused her of manipulating her image to create a fairytale narrative around her rise.

She said: “Throughout the years, Melania controlled her image, created her fairytale narrative, and remained an enigma, which enabled her to play make believe.

“I felt it my civic duty to stop protecting her and to unearth the “most mysterious First Lady,” the world has ever known.

“By sharing my history with her, I unmasked her true identity and revealed an unvarnished portrait of a woman whose veneer I’ve stripped off, leaving nothing but an “unapologetically, skin-deep” woman.”