July 23, 2024

Man drags random babe to court after she collected his N5000 for transportation and refused to show up

A man in Kaduna has allegedly dragged a random babe to a Customary court after he sent her N5000.

According to his friend who shared the news on twitter –@WizzaFarukk  — his friend had sent the lady who was in Zaria N5000 to come to Kaduna, where he resides.

He says the lady kept giving excuses and his friend had to drag her to court.

Long story cut short, his money was sent back to him via a court order, lol.

“So my guy sent 5k to this babe to come over from zaria to kaduna only for her to start giving silly excuses and try to play him . To cut story short Baba carry matter go court them send back him money via Court order 😂💔😭Right move or not ? 🤔”, his tweet read.