July 18, 2024

#LAWMA Calls for Responsible #Waste Disposal During Id el Kabir #Festivities


#LAWMA Calls for Responsible #Waste Disposal During Id el Kabir #Festivities

#LAWMA Calls for Responsible #Waste Disposal During Id el Kabir #Festivities

As Id el Kabir approaches, the Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) emphasizes the importance of proper waste disposal.

Dr. Muyiwa Gbadegesin, LAWMA’s CEO, highlights the agency’s extensive plans to maintain cleanliness throughout the celebrations, urging residents to use official PSP services and avoid unregulated waste disposal that jeopardizes environmental health.

He said, “We have put in place a robust system to manage waste effectively during Id el Kabir. Our goal is to ensure that the celebration is enjoyed in a clean and safe environment. We are working tirelessly to ensure this”.

Gbadegesin reiterated LAWMA’s commitment to addressing improper waste disposal practices that could lead to environmental degradation, encouraging residents to engage only assigned PSP operators and avoid cart pushers, whose activities undermined the Authority’s efforts.

“We urge residents to cooperate with us by bagging and containerising waste generated during and after this period, for seamless evacuation by PSP operators. Cart pushers often dispose of waste indiscriminately, causing environmental harm. We cannot condone their activities, to keep the city clean and safe”, he noted.

The LAWMA boss also admonished residents to shun dumping waste on road medians, canals, uncompleted buildings, and other unauthorised locations, adding that the Authority would provide back-up services for PSP operators, in areas with service gaps, to ensure effective waste management.

He admonished motorists to drive cautiously during the festive period, to safeguard the lives of sanitation workers who would be performing their duties on the streets and major roads across the city.

While wishing all residents a happy celebration, he urged them to contact LAWMA’s toll-free lines at 080000LAWMA (08000052962), 07080601020 and 617, for prompt assistance.

*Kadiri Folashade (Mrs.)*
Director, Public Affairs

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