July 23, 2024

Kiddwaya confirms Erica is now his ex-Girlfriend

Reality tv star, Kiddwaya has confirmed his romantic relationship with Erica has ended and that they are now friends.

All the beautiful love and honour that once existed between Kiddwaya and Erica is no more as he took to his instastory to explain to his fans.

During a question and answer session which he held for the second time on his Instagram page, a fan asked him to explain why he claimed he had no love life when Erica is thought to be his lover.

Reacting to the question, Kiddwaya said Erica was his girlfriend when he honoured the interview and also didn’t want the media into his private life hence the reason for such a statement during the interview.

He added that the media twisted his words to suit a narrative that set him up for drags. Also, there no relationship between them but just positive vibes.