July 18, 2024

Grace Nation: You Cannot Become Until You Receive – Dr #Chris Okafor


Grace Nation: You Cannot Become Until You Receive – Dr #Chris Okafor

…it takes instructions to make exploit and eliminate destruction.

Grace Nation: You Cannot Become Until You Receive - Dr #Chris Okafor

When you are in a Prophetic Arena, you must obey instructions to do exploits because Prophets are the spokesperson of God on Earth, they deliver the good News Packaged by God to his Peoples.

Speaking on the Topic Prospering through the Prophesying of a Prophet, Senior Pastor Grace Nation world-wide aka Liberation City, The Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor said a Prophet rewards Guarantee all kings of exploit, if you listen and acted According to there instructions.

The Man of God said if you are in a Prophetic atmosphere and some People are making head way and some People are lacking behind, it is a clear indication that those People lacking are not receiving the Prophet reward maybe due to ignorance or there attitude in taking to instructions.

The Apostle of altars also remarks that office of a Prophet is a responsibility to deliver God’s Plan to the People but when you are lagging behind not Grapping the opportunity, it’s means you are not doing as instructed or you feel you don’t need another to help you, Such Person will continue to swim inside different pool of Problems, difficulties and all manner of Bondage.

Speaking of ways to Prosper through the Prophesying of the Prophet,The Generational Prophet of God said God presence doesn’t make people struggle because when you carry the presence of God no one can torch you, if they try it they Perish . Therefore when you locates your Prophet and you listen to Instructions and do as commanded, Prosperity becomes evidential in your life.

The Realms of the Prophetic witness another quick shift in the Life of a Man, he was projected with the Spirit of Insanity, the Spirit manifest in a specific time and Period but because the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor is a Senior Prophet of God Powered with Accurate Prophecy,Prophetic declaration and Annoiting to Perform Miracles, The Apostle of altars through his Prophetic wings and eagle eyes located the source,Make declaration and expose the Strong Man behind the scene dealing with the Man, The Man of God Prayed and the Projected sickness destroyed.the one was instantly healed.

A special prayers were also said for People with blocked fallopian tube and Low sperm count, the Man of God Prayed for them and authorized them to come with there evidence and dedicates there miracle babies in Nine Months time.

Grace Nation: You Cannot Become Until You Receive – Dr #Chris Okafor

Meanwhile the Annual Family Liberation Program, The Harvest of Babies is Set to hold from 27th -31st March 2024. Over 8 millions faithful are expected to Participate and Grace the Program either through Physical or through Liberation TV, the Time is 4Pm Daily, Friday 29th is a Night of Prophecy and Solution while the special Thanksgiving service comes up on 31st March 2024.

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