June 18, 2024

Chinese actress shares shocking photos of ‘nightmare’ nose job

A rising Chinese actress is warning the public about the dangers of plastic surgery by sharing shocking photos of her “nightmare” nose job.

Gao Liu posted the photos on China’s Weibo platform on Tuesday, showing blackened dead flesh on the tip of her nose, according to the South China Morning Post.

“The skin on the tip of my nose became darker and darker, and my nose became necrotic,” she wrote.

She shared with her five million followers that she’s contemplated suicide and even lost several acting jobs following the surgery.

“I had thought that these four hours [of surgery] would make me more beautiful, but I didn’t realize that they would be the beginning of a nightmare,” Liu wrote, adding that she thought her new nose would help boost her career.

Health officials are investigating the clinic where Liu got the procedure done, which is located in the city of Guangzhou, the outlet reported.

Plastic surgery is popular in China, with more than 15 million people going under the knife in the last year, the South China Morning Post reported.