May 29, 2024

Bukola Arugba celebrates her mother’s posthumous birthday

Nollywood actress, Bukola Awoyemi- Arugba has remembered her late mum. And she has taken to social media to celebrate the posthumous birthday of his late mother.

Bukola Arugba shared a photo of her mother and described her as a caring and adorable mother who used to take care of her grandkids when she was alive. She wished she was still alive to receive the care and love she used to get from her.

She wrote;

Happy posthumous birthday to iya mi owon. Mummy , it has not been easy since u left, my priceless gold. Ha!!! mummy, your grand children miss u so much, they won’t stop calling “grandma Ilorin’s name”

They wouldn’t stop asking if u would return, they miss your songs and dance, they miss the evening stroll. Sweet mother, last year was tough without their sweet grandma Ilorin, that space was too empty that I unconsciously break down before the kids sometimes, it hurts so much when i feel their tender hands wipe tears off my face, saying “sorry mummy, God will bring your mummy back in Jesus name” Mummy, I say Amen to their innocent prayers even though I know u are already resting in your FATHER’S bossom.

 It’s a new year, and yet, the feeling is the same. It’s a year and few months since u left Maami, what has happened within the space of one year will shock you mummy. I know u can never forsake us for one day if u were alive, mummy , your daughter cries almost every day for your motherly love, sweet mummy I want to write more .

Mummy, the neglect your grandchildren and I face wouldn’t have happened if u were here, your role is missing, I have tried to find u in many, I have struggled, I have cried bitterly, but now I realise my mother is my mother, no one but u. Mummy, this tears …

My irreplaceable mummy, alot I have to say, alot i have said out loudly in tears believing u heard all. sweet mummy I want to write more , u know I express my self better in written words, but the tears in my eyes as I write has made my vision blurry… your dearest husband misses u still, my sis n brothers miss u , your grand children miss u, your son n daughter in laws miss u, your brothers n sisters miss u, your friends/ neighbors miss u, the widows and old people u used to bless miss u, the children Church department miss u,the Church of God miss u, I MISS YOU and I 💜 u iya mi , mama Oluwabukola owon 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜