June 24, 2024

Behold The Beautiful Bride Of Osadebe Avenue Beckons


Behold The Beautiful Bride Of Osadebe Avenue Beckons

Behold The Beautiful Bride Of Osadebe Avenue Beckons

In the spirits of the existence of present charged up political topical realities and conversations,I am inherently inclined to ruminate and juggle our consciousness around the personage of Hon Senator M.Okpebholo and his walk towards becoming the Governor of Edo State.

Humanity has always been subsumed,inundated with transformative phases culminating into palpable tangible events and outcomes and leading to positive disruptive developmental changes.

Undoubtedly,ideas visions and actionable goals shapes our world into transcendental growth and transformative developments.

A purposeful and iconoclastic idea whose time has come breaks down all barriers and obstacles to shine and glow into unparalleled unbridled fruition and acceptance.

In this sense,it’s pertinent to encapsulate rather unequivocally that Senator M Okpebholo emergence as the flag bearer of APC in the forthcoming Edo State elections is an idealistic momentous indication of an idea whose time has come-he is the rave of the moment that everyone should reasonably pander to and readily identify with without hesitations or scruples.

Resoundingly loud in the lips of rational citizens and netizens in and beyond Edo State is the very unmistakable ubiquitous voices, agitations, drumming, clamoring, for the easy going,down to earth, softspoken, unassuming, humane, humbleness personified mien of Hon Senator M Okpebholo whose time has come to become the Governor of Edo State.

Typically, analogically and apparently the difficulties encountered with attempting to stop a moving train is the same struggle and resistance cum obstinacy to be overcome all attempts to stop the movement of SMO trains into Osadebe Avenue.

Interestingly, but ironically rumor mill and social media tends to be irreverently awash with arguments and postulations for or against and about the antecedents and benevolent overtures of SMO in the past as indices,parameters and anecdotes or measuring yardstick for future performances upon emergence as Governor….and l am simply miffed, wondering and asking rhetorically for the umpteenth time a subliminal regurgitation of our memories as to the performances of our erstwhile Governor Oshiomhole Gov Obaseki, Gov Igbinedion, Gov Odigie Oyegun
before they became Governors of Edo State??

I will be stultified and jolted into coalesce, condescension and submission if one can point at a meaningful remembrance of any grandiose project or remarkable charitable contributions they made in their respective local governments or senatorial zones prior to their being elected as Governors.

Suffice to state that I am struggling to decipher the rationale behind the conversation that previous acts of charity and projects done becomes a major political indicator and justification for becoming a Governor of Edo state.

Therefore and rightly so,it aggregates to cheap assailable blackmail all attempts to profile Hon Senator M Okpebolo on the basis of his personal acts of charity as a vicarious lens of assessment and for voting him into Office as Governor or otherwise.

He is irrevocably the beautiful bride of Edo Politics whose time is now.
An impeccable candidate with no baggages.He is his self cheerleader.
He is your everyday people person who operates an open door policy.
He is a rare silent achiever and an astute leader with pedigree of talking less but doing more.
He is an asset and a gift to Edo State

He is not your regular run of the mill boastful politician who speaks with both sides of the mouth denigrating with prism alluring lies uncensored

In the main,the whole essence of political participation is intended to make policy decisions that could shape up and lead to definitive changes,gains and democratic reforms for the generality of the public interest.

Behold The Beautiful Bride Of Osadebe Avenue Beckons

And l boldly posit unapologetically that voting Hon Senator M Okpebholo as Governor of Edo State is a wise choice to make come Election Day cos he will walk the talk by matching words with actionable and transformative deliverables of democratic dividends upon becoming the Governor of Edo State.

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