June 23, 2024

BBN’s TrikyTee opens up on how his collegues getting deals almost got him into depression [video]

Reality star, Timmy Sinclair popularly known as Trikytee has opened up on how he almost got into depression after leaving the Big Brother House.

He said it was first the buzz. He said he was overwhelmed with all the love he got and following on social media. But then months after, everything calmed down and reality set in.

Then deals became difficult for him to get and saw some of his colleagues getting endorsement deals which almost led him into depression. But then, here’s how he said he helped himself out of the situation

He said; “First, i told myself that my journey is different, i looked at the long-term plan and i noticed that this was only the first step and my story is different from everybody else’s story.

“Secondly, i work extra hard to get stuff for myself since i wasn’t getting gifts from fans like other housemates usually do.

“Also, i believe in God and it keeps me sane, i concluded that it was the will of God for me to be on the show and that alone, is enough blessing.”

Watch the video below…