July 18, 2024

#Airtel #Nigeria Leads #Environmental Charge with #Anti-Plastic #Initiative


#Airtel #Nigeria Leads #Environmental Charge with #Anti-Plastic #Initiative

#Airtel #Nigeria Leads #Environmental Charge with #Anti-Plastic #Initiative
Head, CSR, Airtel Nigeria, Chioma Okolie; Director, Corporate Communications and CSR, Airtel Nigeria, Femi Adeniran; Environmental scientist and Advocate, Dr. Eugene Itua; Director, Internal Audit & Risk, Airtel Nigeria, Ngozi Akamelu and General Manager, Customer experience, Oluwabunmi Abejirin during an insightful employee session in commemoration of World Environment Day at Airtel Head Office, Banana Island Lagos, on Tuesday, 4th June, 2024.

On World Environment Day, Airtel Nigeria spearheaded a campaign to combat plastic pollution through an employee education session at their Lagos headquarters.

The company’s CEO, Carl Cruz, emphasized Airtel’s proactive stance on environmental health, aligning with the global theme of “Land Restoration, Desertification, and Drought Resilience.” The session, led by environmental scientist Dr. Eugene Itua, highlighted the critical need for sustainable practices in plastic use, waste management, and recycling to address environmental challenges.

“In line with this year’s global theme of “Land Restoration, Desertification, and Drought Resilience”, we are drilling down to focus on plastic reduction, waste disposal, and recycling, which are critical to achieving the goals being set by the global theme. These are not just environmental issues; they are pressing challenges that require immediate attention. By reducing our plastic usage, managing waste efficiently, and embracing recycling, we can significantly lessen our environmental problems,” he remarked.

Environmental scientist and advocate Dr. Eugene Itua, who served as the facilitator at the event, shared insights on the pertinent strategies to adopt in combating plastic pollution. His presentation covered a wide range of topics, ranging from the history of plastic use, the detrimental effects of plastic pollution on the environment and human health, and potential solutions to mitigate the pressing issue of plastic pollution.

“As the population grows, so does plastic waste. Since the 1950s, plastic use has become a norm, leading to the pervasive issue of micro plastics. These tiny particles, resulting from the degradation of plastic bottles left in the sun, enter our bodies through the food, water, and drinks we consume, thereby posing threats to our health,” he said.

Dr. Eugene further stressed the urgent need to take a paradigm shift from the traditional “take, use, and dispose” approach to a more sustainable “reuse, recycle, reorient and diversify” principle, embodying the circular economy.

He concluded by urging Airtel employees to take proactive steps to prevent plastic pollution and safeguard the environment. In his words “To tackle the challenge of plastic pollution, we must adopt practices such as recycling and reusing. Without action, the average flow of plastics into the ocean is projected to triple by 2040.”

According to Airtel, several other activities have been put in place to encourage plastic reduction and proper waste management. These activities include strengthening of policies to ensure responsible plastic use within the company, organizing of clean-up initiatives and educational seminars, internal sensitization on reusable alternatives and responsible disposal of plastic items, and utilization of social media and SMS campaigns to educate customers about plastic waste management.

#Airtel #Nigeria Leads #Environmental Charge with #Anti-Plastic #Initiative

The world environment day event reflects Airtel Nigeria’s dedication to fostering environmental awareness and sustainability within its corporate culture and the broader community. In line with this commitment to the broader community, the organization is set to commission a facility newly constructed for the Green Fingers Foundation, a Non-Governmental organization dedicated to environmental protection and wildlife conservation.

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