June 23, 2024

#9PSB Takes World Savings Day to #Lagos Primary Schools


#9PSB Takes World Savings Day to #Lagos Primary Schools

9 Payment Service Bank (9PSB), Nigeria’s foremost digital payment service bank focused on financial inclusion, has marked World Savings Day in line with the Central Bank of Nigeria’s directive that financial institutions in the country should take the initiative to educate youngsters about the importance of financial planning and savings.

The educational campaign was held at Bloomy Berries Nursery and Primary School, Lekki, Lagos.Speaking on the theme: “Conquer Your Tomorrow Through Savings,” at the mentorship programme, the Head, Human Resources, 9 Payment Service Bank, Alex Ohai, highlighted the importance of savings for everyone and particularly the need to start early to inculcate these values in children, especially this digital age.

This, she said, is imperative to aid them in making informed decisions and taking action on matters relating to money, which will in turn prepare them for the future. “As long as they are old enough to know the importance of money and what it achieves, then, they can also learn the art of saving.

The initiative, which 9PSB has fully keyed into, is championed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

This is a very laudable initiative, as it perfectly fits into our social objective as a bank. Financial literacy is key as it leads to our primary mandate of achieving financial inclusion.

There is no better time to start than now with students at this level because they are the leaders of tomorrow,” Ohai remarked.She further added, “A bank account is like a piggybank or a kolo as fondly called, but with a bank.

#9PSB Takes World Savings Day to #Lagos Primary Schools

You can have a bank account with 9PSB and save your money in that bank account. With your bank account, you will be able to keep your money safe and easily withdraw whenever you like.

The bank also issues a debit card which enables you to withdraw the money you have put into the bank.

This means, your debit card is connected to your bank account and helps you withdraw money without having to go physically to the bank, especially if your bank is so far away. Asides debit card, you can have access to the bank apps in your mobile phone to make transactions”.

The Lead, Retail Banking and Customer Acquisition, 9PSB, Oladimeji Saka said, “It is important to start on time, because at a noticeably early age, children’s attitudes toward money are already well formed.

It is never too early to instill the right financial values in the minds of the young ones, for a better tomorrow.” World Savings Day is an annual global awareness campaign aimed at educating people, especially young people on the significance of prudent financial planning.

#9PSB Takes World Savings Day to #Lagos Primary Schools

The day is observed every year on 31st of October, with various financial sector players all over the world marking the day with educational campaigns and activities to raise awareness about the importance of savings for future needs.

#9PSB Takes World Savings Day to #Lagos Primary Schools

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