May 30, 2023

CCDI Condemns Killing Of US Consulate Officials, Calls For Thorough Investigations

CCDI Condemns Killing Of US Consulate Officials, Calls For Thorough Investigations
CCDI Condemns Killing Of US Consulate Officials, Calls For Thorough Investigations

The Center for Convention on Democratic integrity, (CCDI)  has condemned in  strong  term, the unwarranted killing of  four locals  of United States Consulate Lagos Office, Tuesday in Anambra, Southern Nigeria by unknown killers. In a release issued and signed by the President of the International organisation which  operates in Nigeria and United States with United Nations Consultative status, Olufemi Aduwo expressed shock and outrage at the killing of United States Consulate Lagos Office workers.

He said the  murder in cold blood of the United States foreign Mission officials is not only worrisome but a thing of shame which he could not fathom out any reason for.Aduwo said in the release “Definitely, the vehicles were clearly identified with the United States’ Consulate Plate numbers, hence it was deliberate and planned attack and the perpetrators must be brought to book within the shortest possible time.

The CCDI believe the calculated attack on the US citizens demands thorough investigation, calling on President Buhari, to urgently  set up multi security agencies investigation team made up  of  Directorate of State Services, (DSS), National Intelligence Agency (NIA), Defence lntelligence Agency (DIA) and

 Police with assistance from United States security agency  to unravel the immediate and remote causes of the attack.

 We believe, the attack has political undertone. We offer our deepest condolences to the United States foreign Mission in Nigeria, families and loved ones of those who were killed and injured in the unwarranted attack. Any attack against diplomats or diplomatic facilities anywhere is unacceptable. We remind the Government of Nigeria of its responsibility under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations to protect foreign diplomats in Nigeria.This is unacceptable. Both diplomats and non diplomats of Foreign Missions in Nigeria should be protected.”

ln another development, Aduwo condemned the  re – appointment letter that President Buhari sent to the  Senate to  confirm the  Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission,  (EFCC), AbdulRasheed Bawa for second term, saying Buhari should allow the incoming President to reconstitute EFCC board.

He said currently EFCC is  more or less a toothless bulldog  and Pro – graft agency saying the Chairperson has displayed sign of  weaknesses. Apart from parading hapless yahoo boys, how many serious corruption cases  has the agency  successfully concluded. Where is Governor Yaya Bello’s  wife declared wanted long ago, where was EFCC, when political parties nominated people that their cases are pending in courts to contest  election and many of them won.

Why is President Muhammadu Buhari  in hurry to give Bawa a second term in office with few days to his  leaving office. Afterall,  Magu was in acting capacity for many years and more importantly who says only  people from the northern part of the country have saints who should manage EFCC.Since inception till  date, all the EFCC Chairpersons are from the Northern Nigeria and they all left office with corruption allegations hanging on their necks.

During the tenure of Larmorde as EFCC Chairperson, l and my organisation collaborated with him and we were able to uncover  monumental fraud in government agencies .We did that without collecting any financial benefit. To reduce corruption in the country is a responsibility of every honest Nigerians, Aduwo said.

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