December 5, 2022

Service Wide Vote: Nigerian Law Reform Commission fails to justify used N756m before Senate C’tte

The Nigerian Law Reform Commission (NLRC) appeared before the Senate on Thursday but could not justify the N756 million received from the Service Wide Vote said to have been expended on Revision of Law of the Federation.

Also, chairman of the commission, Prof Jummai Audi, could not defend the expenditures made with apparent discrepancies surrounding the tendered documents.

Audi was scheduled to appear before members of the Senate committee on public account to defend the money received from Service Wide Votes from 2017- 2021 which had been subject of controversy and discreet investigation by the Senate.

But when she appeared before the lawmakers, she was unable to justify the expenditures as discrepancies trail the documents submitted to the committee for vetting.

In the document, it was uncovered that a single person signed out N3million while another officer of the commission signed for 10 to 15 people.

But Chairman of the Committee, Senator Mathew Urhoghide, pointed it out that NLRC failed to justify how the N756 million was used for the production of revision of the nation’s law.

In his words, “The disbursements for money were disconnected for over a period of time, list out all the expenditures.

“Make available, all things used money for and attach receipt to them, put your people together, we just want to be sure that the money was used, put your account and finance department together.”

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