November 26, 2022

How soldier ran amok, gunned down humanitarian worker, two colleagues in Borno – Eyewitness

An eyewitness who saw how some of the humanitarian workers escaped death at the hands of a soldier fighting the Boko Haram insurgency in northeast Nigeria revealed that the soldier came ranting and raining insults on the United Nations aircrew and humanitarian workers before he started shooting.

The eyewitness, who pleaded not to be mentioned, told DAILY POST that he was at the base to deliver a message when the trouble started leaving two soldiers dead and a humanitarian worker, who was later identified as an international from Ethiopia.

“All of a sudden, he opened fire on the captain (pilot) who tried to escape. It is still uncertain if the pilot was injured or not.

“After that, he (the soldier) turned towards the humanitarians and started firing. The humanitarians took to their heels and scampered for safety.

According to him, they ran in all directions creating chaos in the base as gunshots from the soldier rented the air.

“While they were running, one of the MDM (Medecins du Monde) staff (an ex-pat) fell to the ground, and the soldier came upon her and stabbed her with a knife multiple times until she gave up the ghost.

“The other humanitarians took to their heels all over the military base.

“While the soldier was stabbing the ex-pat, his fellow soldier tried to disarm him, but unfortunately, he was also stabbed to death.

“The military authority immediately gave a standing order, and the perpetrator (solider) was gunned down,” he said.

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