September 24, 2022

He’s too fast, it’s impossible to catch him – Chiellini gives verdict on England star

Italy defender, Giorgio Chiellini has opened up about the infamous foul he committed on England forward, Bukayo Saka during the UEFA Euro 2020 final last year.

Chiellini captained Italy to glory in last summer’s continental competition after beating England on penalties in the final.

However, his decision to foul Saka in the injury time of the contest has remained a crucial talking point even after more than a year.

In the 96th minute, the game was tied at 1-1 and destined to go into extra-time.

Saka managed to get past Chiellini on the right flank, but the Los Angeles FC defender decided to cynically bring the Arsenal star down by grabbing his collar.

Speaking to The Times, Chiellini said that Saka is too fast for him, adding that it is impossible to catch him.

“I never thought this [pulling Saka back] could be the memory of the summer. For me, OK, I made a mistake and a foul in the smartest and best way possible because I think I can protect the ball and let it go out.”

He added: “But he passed me under my arm and the first thing I see is to try and grab him. Saka is too fast for me.

“If I start one or two moments before, I can run with him, but if he goes, it is impossible. This is a good choice for me after a mistake.”

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