May 21, 2022

Man Dumps Igbo Fiancee as In-Laws Demand Lexus Jeep in Bride Price List

A Nigerian man has disclosed how he ended things with his girlfriend who is Igbo after he saw her sister’s bride price list.

He said that he got a chance to catch a glance at his girlfriend’s elder sister’s bride price list and that was when he knew that he would have to end the relationship.

According to the man identified as @funkiest_sholz on Twitter, he saw Lexus RX 350 on the list and did not even bother reading everything before breaking up with her.

He revealed that unfortunately for the elder sister, the man who wanted to marry her disappeared on seeing the list too.

”My first commitment ended when I saw my ex-girlfriend elder sister bride price list, it started with Lexus RX 350… I didn’t bother about reading the other items. Even her sister is still single, fiancé japa. Igbo girls too dey cost no be say dem sabi kn**k”, he wrote.

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