May 21, 2022

Destiny with Scherey Momoh


–our help is in the name of the Supreme GOD, THE FATHER OF ALL SOULS WHO IS NOT SUBJECT TO BIRTH AND DEATH.


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Destiny with Scherey Momoh

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Destiny with Scherey Momoh






—Mankind is currently in the age of information and reforms.

—Man as a soul is a conglomeration of characters.

2022 Global year Calendar— what is it all about?

The year is all about love, love related issues, finance related issues and work, work related issues. citizenship, citizenship related issues, boundary, boundary related issues, injustice, injustice related issues relationship, relationships issues, The major themes of the global year 2022 are  test of responsibility, temptation, protests, agitations, trials, injustice and spiritual wickedness  in the societies and families among nations of the world internal problems and their leaders. The global year 2022 is a big test for leaders of nations all over the world with their citizens or subjects when people in power called politicians rigged themselves into power, they may not have the technical knowledge to govern a country. It is a test of responsibility versus Blame across the globe.

The year is prone and promotes nurturing, care, calmness, clear conscience, true and divine love, more money and money issues,  entertainment, comfort, businesses increase but depends on your mindset, sharing, healing, marriages, reunions, pregnancies or making babies, 2022 is a year miracle for those looking for the fruits of the womb while the negative of the year brings separations of unions, divorces, seductions, infidelity, infatuations, lust, issues of domestic tyranny,  sexual violence, issues of rape, indecent dressings, meddling and protests and unrests, This 2022 global calendar is a health year that gives a strong warning as well. Other personal health issues are Gyneocological, sexual and diseases of private parts are indicated. There will be manifestation of the mark of the beast (666) during the year. The  2022 calendar is a cunning and tricky year. Leaders across the world must be very careful.

Under the law of vibration, Europe and Asia countries will be more in the news either for good or bad than any continents or countries of the world in 2022 Calendar year.

Quote; love between leaders and their citizens, subjects or.

Love between man and his partner or subjects.

Love in the practical sense of the word as seen in the Holy books– Holy Bible, Holy Quran, Vedic Holy book and other Holy books etc. are the manifestations of what you say, is what you practise. Master Jesus said Love your neighbor as you love yourself  Jesus said further treat others as you want them to treat you. This is the golden rule. This is the global year 2022.

 February 2022: A Month of  Transformation, ending, Transition in Nigeria.   By Scherey M. Momoh.

—-New moon  February 1, 2022.

—-Full moon  February  16, 2022.

—-Scriptural Quote; Master Jesus said Father forgive them for thy know not what they do, The master also said also All manner of sins and blasphemy shall be forgiven but the blasphemy of the holy ghost shall not be forgiven.

February 2022 in Nigeria is not a favored month.  We will be seeing the fight between Evil spirit vs Holy spirit in Nigeria. This unfortunate energy in motion brings the following dew. The blood stained as there would be false spirits, Lying spirits, spirits of iniquity, avenging spirits of wickedness, deceivers, tempters, etc. The month of February 2022 is also addressing the following below;

—Military leaders




—–Fires, wild fires.


——Deaths, casualties.

—–Treachery, deception.

—–Troubles in love, error, bad judgment.

——- Evil associations



——-Non citizens.




—Humanitarian services.





—Letting go of old systems that no longer useful and letting in of new systems that works.



—– Selfless.



—-Sudden meetings.

—-Sudden crisis.

—-Wrong time for starting anything new

—Good time for conclusion, ending, termination, rebirth.

—Month of compassion, reactions and anger

—-Travel restrictions and ban.

The energy of February 2022 is a conflict between idealism and self-centeredness, Nigerians would be seeing the manifestations of the mark of the beast 666 in us. The effect of unconsciousness, sinister, fear, insecurity, hate, envy and greed. Both demons and angels are part of us.  February cautions that one should beware of deception. The month maybe an energy that destroys itself, self-defeats and self- sabotage.

Divine message for Nigeria

Be open to channeling higher guidance, overcome rigid heart, defiance of higher laws, fear of losing ego and rejection of body.

Affected Geo political Zones and personal locations are;

— South south

–South west,

—-South East,

——North East

—– East,

—– South.

Dates prone to Action in February 2022

February 1, February 10, February 19,  February 28, 2022.

Dates prone to changes in February 2022

February 5, February 14, February 23,  2022.

Dates prone to challenges in February 2022

February 6, February15, February 24, 2022.

Dates prone to evil in February 2022 in Nigeria.

—February 1,

—-February 10,

–February 19,

—February 28

–February 2,

–February 11,

—February 20,

–February 4.

—–February 13


——February 5.

—–February 14

——February 23,

——-February 7

——February  16

——February 25.

——February 8.

——-February  17

——-February 26,

——-February 9,

——-February 18.

——-February 27

These negative dates in January 2022 bring bad news, accidents, fatalities, injuries, plane-crashes, sorrows, disasters, self-defeats, bad weather, rainstorm, natural disasters, disappointments, premature deaths, sudden deaths, natural disasters, terror attacks, explosion or fire outbreak, bad luck, etc. The eve of these dates should not also be taken for granted as well.

[email protected], A period of Purity, of the spirit and discovery By Scherey M. Momoh (World exclusive)

Congratulations to the Government and people of Nigerians as the nation clocked 61 years of existence on earth. The high points of the age 61 years are about applying wisdom and its applications, spiritual rebirth, Spirit of God, spiritual discovery, spirits, Aura of mystery, haunted ghosts, quarrels, disruptions, upheaval, catastrophe, divine intervention, stroke of fate, reversal of fortune, destructions of old structure and ways, misfortune, accidents, wildfires, plane crashes, fires, fear, money losses, business losses. Destructions of lives and properties, vacations, withdraw, legal issues, spouses health, emergence of social or popular movements during [email protected] years, l see break down of law and orders, economic and businesses losses, humiliation, sudden change, upheaval, liberation, free from bondage.  The new Nigeria age is also exposing deceits, lies, propagandas, evil, manipulations and mysteries. Yes, Nigeria at 61 years is strongly prone to the spirits, spiritual discovery, purity, truth, peace, intuition, voice of the spirit, concentration, contemplation, meditation, prayers, looking inward, introspection, thinking deep, Supreme will of God reign, divine intervention reign and knowledge, Wisdom and understanding of God all the way,  Top secrets exposed, analytical mind with facts, research, health challenges, Many politicians that are not pure may face health challenges or lose their positions. This period in Nigeria has the energy of distress, procrastination, self-injury, self-sabotage, separation, unwelcome changes, unexpected changes, adversity, deception, ruin, tyranny, depression, imprisonment and ongoing depression. The challenges of the age 61 years in Nigeria are treachery, deceits, illusion, disillusionment, disappointment, suspicion, skepticism,  confusion, disorganized, confusion, anxiety, deceits, manipulations etc. Nigeria at 61 years indicates love of good society and comfortable living but there is a spirit of day dreaming and many plans remain unexecuted. This means the entire energy of Nigeria at 61 years is a karmic energy inclined. Nigeria’s inability to unite, cooperate and know themselves gives room to her current negative forces and vulnerability.

NB[email protected] 61 years is a business, financial and project failure throughout the age; nothing good will come out on the part of government except for embezzlement. Truth will reveal all fake projects and businesses.

October 2021 to February 2022—  This is a waiting period in Nigeria. This period also signifies change of view, submission, stop, look and listen. The period brings sacrificial lamb, letting go, isolation, reversal of current situation or change, growth, mass protests, youths unrest, financial and business losses, transition, trials, prophecy etc.

February 2022 to June 2022—Harmony and flow, protection, moderation in all things, cooperation, economy, good communication. Emotion and feelings, conflicts, competing interests, hostilities, self-doubt, emotional instability, uncertainty, inconsistency etc.

June 2022 to October 2022— This is a period of change, release, transformation. This energy is associated with suspicion and misconception. Change that will bring an end to condition that no longer serve a useful purpose.

 Overall energy of [email protected] years — Misery, distress, indigence, adversity, calamity, disgrace, deception and ruin. It is an energy of unforeseen catastrophe.

Meaning a destructive energy, upheaval, earthquakes, chaos, dangers and explosions. The energy also brings nervousness, asperity, aggressiveness, concern, longing, agility and confusion.

Health— Accidents, drugs, illusion, delusion, intoxication, fraud, mistake, danger,  dissimulation and mysterious sickness.

[email protected] 61 years is not a favorable vibration to Nigerian leaders unless you are pure before God, The Supreme.

[email protected] years will be more of people of united force, teamwork, cooperation and one mind as [email protected] years is a big test of spiritual sensitivity and security consciousness. This is a new age of knowing whether she knows herself as a Nigeria and her environments and borders.

This new age of Nigeria is prone to fear of being discovered. Repression, hidden emotions, isolation, fears linked to religion, or negative spirituality has the intelligence to deal with insecurity, beware of undercover  people. The age 61 is also of feelings and philosophy. The tower destruction, radical and painful transformation, end of something, renovation, obstacles, courage and self-criticism etc.

SYMBOLS IN [email protected] YEARS.

–The source.




—Founding fathers.

—River Niger.

—River Benue.







—The eagle.

—-The media


—-History and Historians.







— Missing Children.


KEYWORDS IN [email protected] YEARS.

— The truth

—Spiritual bliss

—Spiritual discovery

—-Divine knowledge.

—Aura of mystery

—Haunted ghosts

—Cry of innocent blood.

–Exposing evil doers.

—Exposing Spiritual wickedness.




—–Chronic health or strange sickness.

—-Long distance travel.

—-Looking within.

—-Search for answers



—–Truth, secretive and open issues


—–Specialization on something.






——Meditation and prayer.

Months of actions [email protected]

December 2021.

March 2022.

June 2022.

MONTHS OF CHANGES IN [email protected] YEARS.

May 2022

July 2022

September 2022.


October 2021

November 2021

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