May 19, 2022

Edgeford Business School Kicks Off, Bridges Gap in Human Capital Development

In a bid to fill the lacuna in the field of human capital development and to arrest the dwindling quality in workflow processes and near collapse of the internal operational standards in the workplace, Edgeford Business School (EBS) has commenced operations in Nigeria.

Speaking on the berthing of the business school in Nigeria recently in a chat with pressmen, Olusegun Ojo, Director-General, Edgeford Business School explained that the idea of a school that pushes the boundary in the area of human capital development is long overdue because of its importance for a market like Nigeria’s.

He added, “At EBS, we belong to the school of thought which believes that behind the success of every organization, there are people with strong knowledge, skills and the right attitude.

“EBS is where we create virile platform for people for academic learning, executive programmes and courses customised to suit specific organizational needs.

Further speaking on reason for EBS’ foray into the Nigerian market, Ojo added, “workplace challenges are enormously without the attendant solutions needed to solve them, thereby exposing some sensitive sectors to a near collapse in standard and work process.

” As such, EBS is committed to nipping in the bud, the present state of imitative and non-performing human capital by making available to employers, graduates who have undertaken some of our Graduate Courses with relevant requisite and cutting-edge skills that can enable them conveniently fit into any department in the workplace with high performance expectations.

“Moreover, business owners are expected to avail themselves of different courses from EBS to enable them survive in the present tight and complex political and economic environment through our faculty members that cut across the globe from both Nigerian and foreign higher institutions of learning including those that have made their marks in different sectors of the economy.

Speaking on the curriculum of the school, he explained: “As part of the major focus of EBS, some of the courses of the school are designed to change the mentality of the unemployed towards boosting performances at interviews hence increasing their success rate leading to gainful employment opportunity.

“EBS will take participants through policy and product formulation process, review workflow processes and examine case studies on issues confronting organizations through different courses that will be introduced to further enhance the managerial capacity of employees of organizations,” he said.

Besides the obvious opportunities schooling at EBS’ offers, Ojo explained that there are more: “EBS will make available the data of successful graduates that have been skilfully training on how to fit into company’s business operations.
Companies need
to begin to inject into their inductions process, our skilfully coached graduates as newly recruited employees who have availed themselves of the robust contents of the courses they will take with EBS that can help them contribute meaningfully to fundamental company issues.”

He added that Edgeford Business School will be willing to partner with companies willing to tap into the data of the school’s trained graduates.

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