May 16, 2022

9th Annual World Spirit Festival Unveiled

The activities for the 9th world heavenly spirit (egbe) festival is set to begin again, the program that holds members from different countries is set to begin by 26th to 28th of April 2022 with different activities like olosa day, aje day and olokun day.

Speaking the president of the group, king Asagbemi Fasagbade 1st who hail from Akoko land in ondo state said the festival have always been first of it kind but this year program is coming in a More dynamic way which will add color to our cultural heritage and lots of blessings to every individual that will be there.

Speaking further he said their is no one on Earth who does not have heavenly spirit but we fail to detect it, that is why most people on Earth are facing different difficulties, the high time we know about our heavenly spirit will make life easier for everyone.

“I am using this medium to inform the whole world to come and detect their heavenly spirit by coming to the event holding at badagry beach by 26th to 28th of April 2022” he said.

Buttressing is speech he said “we have members in about twelve countries and twenty nine State in Nigeria and for this year festival over 29 countries are coming to badagry beach in Nigeria for the annual egbe festival.

The founder of the group who said was giving birth to nine time Said was also from the heavens spirit world, and that people should believe and make research about themselves, that this might be affecting them in one way or the other, he also advise that this have nothing to do with religion but compulsory for everyone to be pleasing his or her spirit.

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