May 19, 2022





Imagine the numbers of girls out there that have no access to sanitary pads and still make use of towels and tissue papers which is very detrimental to their reproductive organs.

I’m working on a project with a group of people on ‘Help A Girl with A Pad’ and also reproductive health teachings for the girl child.

This is borne out of concern and experience of menstrual pains, infection and many other gynaecological issues.


According to WHO, 60% of gynaecological issues are caused by wrong sanitary pads.

We have discovered a pad that can help relief some of those issues and we want to start with young girls. The reason is that what the ladies are exposed to can’t be controlled but we can protect ourselves. Research has also shown that 40% Nigerian girl child reuse her sanitary pad

This is part of a bigger project, we are running this pilot to examine the outcome.

Could you please support us with a box of Pad or any quantity of your choice? One box is #31,500. It will really go along way. A box of pad can last for a whole year. Any amount will be appreciated.


My account detail is

3580171013 FCMB

Bokatsere Oristemajemite R


My Facebook name is Akinwande Maj Royal (Bokatsere Oristemajemite)

We are counting on you to help this project become a reality.




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