October 14, 2021

Man gets two life sentences for killing wife using cobra

An Indian court, on Wednesday handed a rare double life sentence to Sooraj Kumar, 28, who murdered his wife, 25, by making a cobra bite her while she was sleeping.

It was reported that Sooraj Kumar was arrested at his home in southern Kerala state in 2020 after his wife died from snakebite.

A court in Kollam district held Kumar guilty of murder.

He was held guilty for poisoning his wife and making an earlier attempt to kill her using a Russell’s viper.

Judge M Manoj, sentenced the accused to two consecutive life sentences, but did not accept the prosecution demand for capital punishment considering his age and opportunity to reform.

The woman suffered the fatal bite in May 2020, while she was undergoing treatment for a snake bite just weeks earlier, then her family became suspicious of him.

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