October 21, 2021

It’s another win for Shina Peller as he bags award of Doctorate degree in Business Administration, Dubai

Announcing the new win, both Peller and his media aide shared the good news writing;

”During the Africa-Dubai Investment Business Summit held at Habtoor Palace, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, I was decorated with an honorary award of Doctorate degree in Business Administration by the American Heritage Southern California University.

Whilst making my remarks at the summit, I expressed my profound gratitude to the organizers of the event and the school for finding me worthy of the honour. Like I always say, I consider honorary award like this as a challenge for me to double up in my benevolent acts and humanitarian gesture not just in Nigeria but in the entire Africa space.

Shina Peller as he bags award of Doctorate degree in Business Administration, Dubai

I also used the opportunity to share a few of my most pressing thoughts on investment in Africa and Nigeria specifically. We cannot have a discussion about Africa’s global economic future without mentioning Nigeria. Nigeria is naturally endowed with vast natural resources promising potential national success, but unfortunately this has not always translated. Perhaps it is because regardless of the resources, people and vision will always be the driver of certain and lasting change.

In this regard, we need to start exploring the potential of the Nigerians people with a population of about 240 million and the youth occupying about 75% of it.

Our socio-political environment and its attendant instability is our biggest threat, and to address this, the youth must be used as the driver and sustainer of peace. My point is that stability and predictability are what guarantee investment, and this can only be achieved when there is peace.

Shina Peller as he bags award of Doctorate degree in Business Administration, Dubai

As Ayedero of Yorubaland (promoter of peace and prosperity in the land), I have considered it a task for me to make all understand that peace is an essential tool for delivering lasting social-economic change and progress in Nigeria, and the youth should be the driver. This is so because we have no bigger constituency in Nigeria and perhaps Africa than the youth. It is time to service this constituency.

This explains why I continuously align myself with the youth initiatives such as the Lead Generation Initiative (LGI) that focuses on equipping young Nigerians to take up the responsibility in their localities through mobilization and political participation.

It is on this note that I charge all those who see the potential in Africa to begin the required investment in its most valuable resource, the youth. My message is that there cannot be lasting socio-economic progress in Africa without peace, and there cannot be peace without the youth as the promoter, driver and sustainer of peace.

We must join in spreading this message.”

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