October 25, 2021

Man spends two years pooing out of p.e.n.i.s and ejaculating semen from bum

A man ejaculated a “substantial amount” of semen from his bum and passed fecal matter through his p.e.n.i.s.

The 33-year-old had suffered from a series of bizarre medical issues for two years.

He eventually got help after his testicles swelled up and the pain became too much.

The bloke was passing gas in his urine, a condition termed pneumaturia, IFL Science reports.

He also urinated fecal matter, called fecaluria, and passed a “substantial amount” of urine and semen from his rectum.

The team that solved his conditions have published their findings in the journal Cureus.

He was found to have a swollen testicle and a urinary tract infection, while a digital rectal exam showed signs of a problem on his rectal wall.

A CT scan produced a much better look at the multiple problems.
The report says there was a “gas-filled structure”.

Further tests confirmed the presence of a fistula, or abnormal passageway, between the urethra and rectum, through which the various fluids and solids had been passing.

This was sorted with surgery, but the medical team continued to check for other errors.

Two years earlier, he had been in a three-week coma following cocaine and phencyclidine (PCP) intoxication.

At this time, he was fitted with a Foley catheter during which the injury was likely caused.

The team was led by Frank L. Ventura, a medical student at Internal Medicine, University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.
They wrote: “Repeat VCUG revealed resolution of the fistula and the patient recovered with only mildly reduced antegrade ejaculatory volume over several months.”

They added: “Physicians should note other potential risks such as urethral injuries.

“This case not only highlights a rare complication of catheter use but also emphasizes the importance of provider mindfulness when utilizing seemingly benign therapies such as Foley catheters.”

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