September 19, 2021

Pretty Mike makes it to BBC, talks about his unsual ways of storming events

Popular Lagos socialite and king of nightclub business (well we have many kings in that field now), Pretty Mike, has made it to BBC Pidgin and we are happy for him. Lol.

Pretty Mike didn’t get famous for being into nightclub business, atleast for 14 years now, but got famous when he started doing something that makes him happy and well, standout in his own terms.

He is another definition of JUST DO YOU and it will be worth it. Something like THE WORLD WILL ADJUST, lol.

Pretty Mike has made it to BBC. Did i hear you say so what? Bad belle? So what ni BBC? Lol, so what ni that he his getting the fame and cashing out?. Has Pretty Mike not been getting ambassadorial deals, lmaoo…. If i hearrrrrrrrr

Anyway, he spoke about why he storms events in unsual ways and how some people hail him for that, while others hate him and show it instantly.

Watch the videooooooooo…

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