September 27, 2021

Cubana Chiefpriest reacts to Boma making out with Tega, says he is heartless

Cubana Chiefpriest has reacted to the news of Boma and Tega making out in Biggie’s house.

Chiefpriest says Boma is heartless for sleeping wityh Tega knowing she is married.

He says God punished his beloved David for that and advised young men to stay away from married women.

He says it’s also humilating to both Tega and her husband for Boma to publicly say Tega’s private smells like fish.

Recall Tega’s husband had justified her cheating, saying he also once cheated on her, lol.

What Chiefpriest said minutes ago;

How Will You Comfortably F***k A Married Woman, Then Publicize it And Above All Humiliate And Berate The Woman N Her Husband Saying Their Pu**y Smells Like Fish. The Punishment Of F***kin A Married Woman Knowingly Is Deep Even King David God Most Beloved Was Punished Severely By God For Doing It, His Child Died And His Wives Cheated On Him Rapidly, Dear Young World Try Avoid Married Woman Don’t Ever Be Heartless Like Boma.

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