September 19, 2021

YAI Inducts Labo Boss as Ambassador on International Youth Day

In recent times, Nigeria has been facing several security challenges such as violent crimes, kidnapping, insurgency, militant, ethnic conflict, religious conflict, political assassination and the activities of Boko Haram sect.

Majorly, Nigerian youths have been used for these illicit acts , perhaps due to high rate of poverty , unemployment .

However, this gave birth to these associations, YAI and CONSAYASS to re-orientate, and reposition Nigeria youth on how they can be more useful politically in nation building and be part of Nigeria security system as far as that industry is concerned.

As a result of security problems , findings revealed that security challenges in Nigeria should be examine on the ratio of out of 150 respondents randomly selected only 145 responses were collected. The paper adopted survey method for collection of primary data, and secondary data was derived from internet sources and academic journals. Frequency, percentages and chi square were adopted for data analysis. The aggressive- frustration theoretical frame work of analysis was also adopted. It was revealed that there is significant relationship between unemployment of Nigeria youth and poverty also caused insecurity.

The fact remains that youth are being lured to illegal activities because their hands are not busy with any remuneration responsibilities at the end of the month.

C E O Labo Business Group Dr Olabisi Akanbi therefore recommended that government at all levels , NGO, private bodies and individuals should put hand in place to package a sustainable programs to empower the youth which can curb unemployment in Nigeria .

“ If our youth are engaged with one or two things , nobody will oblige them to fight anybody. Obviously, the level of insecurity will reduce in Nigeria.

National Coordinator of Coalition of Nigerian Youth on Security and Safety Affairs (CONYSSA), Ademario Emmanuel and his team saw Dr Olabisi innovative ideas and he inducted him as an ambassador of this association in conjunction with Youth Advancement Initiative (YAI) .

Ade Mario stressed that youth have been excluded from Nigeria political activities. And youth have also been used by these politicians illegally to cause insecurity in the country. But we are here to educate the youth and lead them to the right part.

“Youth in Nigeria have suffered lots of setback politically. They have been marginalized. And this is main objective we are educating our youth to come together to be part of Coalition of Nigerian Youth on Security and Safety Affairs .This will assist Nigerian youth to know reason they have to be part of upcoming elections in 2023 and take part in the insecurity crusade affecting the country at the moment”, National Coordinator of CONYSSA Ambassador Ademario Emmanuel divulged this whole presenting recognition award to C E O Labo Business Group of Company , Dr Olabisi Akanbi at the International Youth Day summit held at Gowon Estate on Friday 13th August 2021.

“ Track records of Labo boss indicated that he has empowered lots of Nigerian youth, and helped many of them to achieve their ambitions. This is the kind of personality we want within Nigeria youth. Dr Olabisi is a good symbol as far as Nigeria youth are concerned.”

However, he also used the platform to encourage Nigerian youth to invest massively in farming business, because it gives lots of youth employment opportunities”, Labo boss said.

“ This is the time Nigeria youth should invest in green vegetation .

“Doing this will give Nigerians mileage as far as Agriculture is concerned “.

Akanbi added that this initiative will not be achieved without the meaningful participation of young people.

As the world’s population is expected to increase by 2 billion in the next 30 years and would put the world’s population at 9.9billion against the current 7.9 billion figure, then it has become a matter of priority for often discuss and implementations of food security initiatives across the globe and particularly Africa; as we are of advantage, having a fertile soil for agricultural purposes.

The current population of Africa is 1.3billion, based on the latest United Nations estimates; which amounts for 16.72% of the total world population, and Nigeria having the largest at over 211Million, places the continent at risk if matters of food security is not timely addressed.

Hence, the Group Executive Director of Labo Group of Company is therefore urging the world’s continent most especially Nigerian Youth to embrace agriculture/ green vegetations in order to guarantee the future of our motherland.

In a statement made by Labo who took to his Instagram @laboentertainment Page to launch the humble beginning of his new company LABO FARM a subsidiary of LABO GROUP which is located at Lagos Ibadan Express way Ajebo Close to Foursquare Gospel Church camp ground.

Dr Olabisi acknowledged that there is a need for inclusive support mechanisms that ensure youth continue to amplify efforts collectively and individually to restore the planet and protect life, while integrating biodiversity in the transformation of food systems, and therefore admonishing governments across boarders to empower youth in their various capacities and capabilities both at the rural and urban areas.

“We have the land, and we have the manpower. Technology is also there to aid efficiency and speedy productivity. So, I see no reason Africa should not return back to the agriculture and put them to use”

Wishing youths across the continent of Africa and the Globe, happy International Youth Day 2021.

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