September 26, 2021

Lagos DJ Flees After Killing Pregnant Lover

A Nigerian DJ, Olayiwola Olatunji, better known as DJ Scoot 007 is currently on the run after allegedly killing his six-month pregnant lover in Ikorodu area of Lagos.

DJ Scoot and Tina Erube — a mom of five began dating about two years ago and have a child together. It was gathered that Erube had just moved back to Nigeria from Canada when they began dating.

According to a source, “Everything was fine until yesterday, August 10 when we received the news of her death and the boyfriend in question ran away with her phones where she has all vital information on her finance.

He has been defrauding her and Erube was not aware of it. She abandoned some of her projects and took up his own. She built a house for him and bought him a car.

When she fell ill, the guy refused to contact any of her family members, he didn’t take her to the hospital despite the fact that she was pregnant. He even denied the family access to her.

She was near death before her family could get her forcefully. They took her back to her father’s house and later rushed her to the hospital where she was confirmed dead on arrival.

Although the killing was spiritual because some fetish stuffs was found in the house. When he knew his lover had died, the guy ran away with her phones and all her financial details. The girl’s family have no information about his own family.”

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