May 14, 2022

#SOJ Urges #Children To Speak Against #Abuse

#SOJ Urges #Children To Speak Against #Abuse
#SOJ Urges #Children To Speak Against #Abuse

#SOJ Urges #Children To Speak Against #Abuse. An Islamic Organization, Sister Of Jannah (SOJ), Abeokuta Branch, Ogun State, has said that child molestation and abuse was a great sin before the Allah, which should not be committed by any human being, as it was attracted special penalties before the Allah.

The Ogun State Zonal Coordinator, Mrs. Rashidat Mobolaji Alli made this known during a-day awareness campaign against child molestation in the State, with the theme “Stand Against Child Molestation”, held for Al-Hudah Group of Schools, Oke-Aregba, Abeokuta, Ogun State capital.

R.M Alli said that the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, said that “play with them for the first seven years (of their life), then teach them for the next seven years, then advise them for the next seven years (and after that….)”, noted that the above Hadith of the Prophet gives us the guidance to divide the upbringing of a child into three stages.

Mrs Alli further made clear that in Islam, human sexuality is governed by Islamic law (Shari’a) and sexual violation is regarded as a violation of moral and divine law, saying Islam is divided claims of sexual violation into ‘divine right’ (huququ Allah) and ‘interpersonal right’ (huququ al-‘ibad).

She said child molestation considered as a serious sexual crime in Islam, emphasized that rape is called Zina Al-Zibr or Ightisab, noting that it fell under the rules of Hirabah

#SOJ Urges #Children To Speak Against #Abuse.

The Guest Speaker and founder, Deeza Foundation and Psychotherapist, Mrs. Adijat Muhammad said that it is imperative for female children to speak out against molestation, especially while noticing or observing strange attitude towards them by male counterparts.

Muhammad said famale children should not hesitate to speak out or report to the authority whenever they were facing with such challenge of being molested by any individual or group of individuals.

Muhammad highlighted some of the methods adopted by molester to have access to the victims, such as targeting their erroneous parts of their body, luring them, fulfilling their needy, wooing or seducing them, advised them to share their feelings with an elderly ones whenever they were not comfortable or when something bordering their minds.

She implored parents and guidance to have cordial relationship with their wards, adding that it is important to always monitor them while growing up and also prevent them from being expose to nude pictures and videos, especially on social media as this contributed to child abuse and other social vices.

Also Speaking, Mrs. Serifat Bello advised them to be courageous, determined and apply self-defense against anyone who might wants to molest them, saying it is expected of them to be physically fit as this would be of help to say No to any attempt of molestation.

She urged them to be modest and moral in terms of dressing as people and individuals would address them the way they also dressed, confirming that some of the raped cases and molestation incidents was as a result of indecent dressing.

#SOJ Urges #Children To Speak Against #Abuse

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